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Jackson Lake, Grand Tetons est une création de l'artiste Tom O Scott. Catégorie Nature, Paysage, Aquatique, lac, rivière, Photographie, Numérique. For me, the greatest challenge photographically in this area was trying to create…

Jackson Lake, Grand Tetons

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Tom O Scott
Tom O Scott
ARTIST, Photographe semi-professionnel
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For me, the greatest challenge photographically in this area was trying to create something that isn't in every snapshot I've ever seen. Yes, we did take plenty of those on our trip, but those are for my family travel album. I ended up with two portfolios that for me, captured the essence of this magical landscape. One is entirely in infrared -- kind of a contradiction when you see the incredible colors there. The other consists of images of the colors and patterns of geothermal features, of which Yellowstone has more than the rest of the world combined.

Part of the Greater Yellowstone area, the Grand Tetons have some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere in America.

Thanks in advance for viewing and rating my images.
I've been away for the past 6 weeks, so please forgive me if it takes a while to look at your images since then. I'll do it as time permits.

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Ajouté le 11 July 2016 à 14:54
Créé 8 June 2016 à 00:00
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Message des autres artistes

Claude de Maisonneuve avatar
Claude de Maisonneuve Beautiful !
11 July 2016 à 18:41
Sam Peck avatar
Sam Peck Welcome back! Great image! Bring meaning to the idea of "Big Sky counrty".
11 July 2016 à 20:38
Tom O Scott avatar
Tom O Scott Thanks, Sam. Yes, that's what we kept thinking almost every day. The sky really does seem bigger there. Not sure why -- I think it has something to do with the cloud formations.
11 July 2016 à 21:21
Roberto De Mitri avatar
Roberto De Mitri scent of wild pine ... lovely landscape...
11 July 2016 à 22:04
Jared Christopher Martin avatar
Jared Christopher Martin just what the doctor ordered. I'll bet you're glad you packed your camera. There is something about a perfect picture that can't be expressed in words. I could blather on abut the tonal shift in clouds, the piled on sense of impending weather, That spring loaded frame left branch which takes total command of the composition, The fragile golden even in BW light on the foreground marsh grass - but it would be so much radio noise.Suffice to say there is an immediacy to this - as feeling on absolutely being there in the spot that is unmatchably rejuvenating.
11 July 2016 à 23:31
Tom O Scott avatar
Tom O Scott Thanks, Jared, your "blathering" is a rare treat!
11 July 2016 à 23:47
Dana Winkelman avatar
Dana Winkelman Tom. I was hoping to see some of your trip and you delivered. I dig the infrared, it makes the green pop in a really unusual way, especially the trees (but the grass as well as Jared points out). For me, it is like going home, although us native Nevadans like to claim a better "big sky" than WY or MT ;-).
12 July 2016 à 20:03
Michaela Sibi avatar
Michaela Sibi Gorgeous!
13 July 2016 à 13:07
Piotr Czekalski avatar
Piotr Czekalski Excellent !
13 July 2016 à 22:04

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