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Sybarite Art
Sybarite Art
Geographic Professional photographer, Zwolle, Netherlands


When and how do you start to create?

I startedphotography at a young age... as a young boy I hauked my camera through many countries, capturing that perfect image. As one does, you get an appriciation for the human interaction, and move from landscapes to portrait. Fromn that people soon asked me to do their special events (wedding, retirement, 60 year anniversary, but also portraits) From that latter I soon moved into glamour, nude and beauty... As some models asked us to start a modelling agency (as they liked the way we opperated), we really got into fashion in 2011...


Do you create as a professional or for your own?

I do both... I enjoy it too much to just do the assignment shoots. Although I enjoy each and every one of them... sometime you need to let your spirrit free.


How do you learn and work your skill?

By doing, and looking... and ofcourse listening to critisism... of which I am problemy harder on myself than any creatice I ever had.


What do you like in this art, your motivation?

Capturing beauty in all its forms


What are your favourite subject(s)?

Female fashion, Glamour and Esthetic Nude


How do you prepare a creation or project work?

I don't understand the question


What are your prefered moment(s) when you create?



What are your most representative creations, and why? (links)

Just check ourwebsites


Who are artists that fascinate or give you inspiration? (links)

No one in particular... I look around and find inspiration everywhere


How and why your work as changed since you started?

You keep evolving and learning... every day still


What does the Internet media give you?

Insperation and network


What are you expecting from Art Limited and/or other members?

A great portal to show my work, and find like minded people... Even perhaps it will create some wonderfull opportuinities to be creative.


What are your plans in the future?

Never stop

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