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Richard Smith
Richard Smith
Geographic location General artist, Winston-Salem, United-States
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About Richard Smith

Winston-Salem, United-States45 years old
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Richard Smith + things = RSMITHINGS

Hi, I’m Richard Smith, aka “rsmithing.” I blend scenes from my surroundings into surreal photomontages. What you see are stylized amalgamations of my everyday world.

My process is like carving a sculpture, with the edges of my fingers forming lines to define shapes and reveal serendipitous relationships — not unlike physically placing individual elements as in a paper collage — except I do this through masking, blending and mimicking established photographic techniques like solarization or vignetting. Each piece is meticulously crafted with these and other ingredients, using direct touch to form a hierarchy of narrative.

I call my art "Handcrafted Surrealism," as I photograph and compose exclusively via smartphone. I believe this medium enhances the personal element of connection between artist and audience, because with a smartphone as medium — your fingers become the brushes; your movements become the brush strokes, and you literally cradle a creation as it comes into existence — all with an object you keep on your person and interact with likely hundreds of times a day. Not all smartphone art has these craftsmanship-like qualities, but in the case of my work, every final creation taken in by viewers is something I have stared at, in hand, physically maneuvering, and repeatedly refining as the elements come into place.

Find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, & Twitter as as RSMITHING. Thank you for visiting my profile.


My direct visual inspirations include fine artists such as Dalí & Escher; avant-garde photographers including Man Ray & Francesca Woodman; classic photography masters such as Ansel Adams & Erwin Blumenfeld; along with contemporary creators like Sion Fullana, Tommy Ingberg, Sylvia Grav, and of course, the ultimate photomontage master and my deepest inspiration, Jerry Uelsmann.


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