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Photography medium format film toned nature vegetal

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Photography is a technique, including processes and materials, that consists in fixing or reproducing over time accurate images of the real world on a photosensitive medium (silver photosensitive chemical with film or paper, digital sensor) by exposure to visible or non-visible light, such as infrared.
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Shinobazu Lotus Pond, Tokyo, Japan
Branches, Yuno Lake, Tochigi Prefecture.
Lake Chūzenji, Japan
One State in the Cycle
Humeur Noire
A new beginning
Maple Leaves, Nara, Japan
Phoenix Park, Dublin
Happy to be in the snow
In front of everyone else II
Aligned III
A point at the end of the phrase
The Dead Vlei trees of Switzerland
Ups and downs
Among The Rolling Hills II
There is no better place for a tree
The last bathroom I
Hide and seek of trees
Autumnal lightness
Winter Harmony
Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, Kyoto, Japan
Lines Of Nature I
Botanic Gardens, Dublin.
In front of everyone else
The sweet wave
The silence in the mist
Of here or there?
Only to be admired
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