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Patricia Huchot-boissier
Patricia Huchot-boissier
Geographic Author photographer, Montauban, France

Project name
Latest image
Photography only, no heavy manipulation or photo-montage allowed. HDR allowed
Yesterday at 9:34am
Abstraction within the photographic medium
Yesterday at 10:30pm
Pictures of Animals : wild animals, pets, realistic, surrealistic
Saturday at 11:04am
Pictures about places, people, mood or religious details
Monday at 7:42pm
Arts of pictures
3 hours ago
Une vision de votre lieu de vie
40 minutes ago
Black and white plant/vegetable photography
Sunday at 3:50am
Photographs made with a Canon EOS 5D camera
Yesterday at 9:50pm
All art work featuring a cat or cats
6 Aug 2017 at 11:41am
Images of China the land, the idea, and the many different peoples within its borders
8 Mar 2017 at 06:16pm
Honoring the ideologies and stylistic practices of the pictorialist movement by continuing its work
Sunday at 10:04pm
Photos prises et traitées sur iPhone
2 Jan 2012 at 02:31pm
Images of asian people, life, streets and landscapes
Monday at 12:44am
Accentuer un mouvement, créer de la douceur, déformer une vision
Yesterday at 12:41am
Photographies de fleurs
Yesterday at 8:25pm
Show us how your cat is wonderfull
6 Oct 2017 at 06:52pm
All shots performed with a medium format Hasselblad camera
Yesterday at 6:54pm
All pictures with intentional camera movement
5 Jun 2017 at 09:31am
Interiors lived in or abandoned
Today at 12:31am
Faire de la peinture par la photographie
Yesterday at 9:34am
Visite de cette région, paysages et paysages marins
25 Aug 2017 at 05:20pm
Mise en valeur du regard
Monday at 5:50pm
Les Poissons - Fish
26 Sep 2017 at 01:13pm
Pictures made in India
2 Apr 2017 at 12:00pm
See long description:)
Yesterday at 10:30pm
Images that depict movement, blurred,dragged,speed
5 days 22h ago
Toute ce qui touche aux parcs et forêts
Yesterday at 1:42pm
Phothographers who add ART in photography
40 minutes ago
Small; and the big world
Monday at 8:42pm
Creative Treatment and Surreal Compositions Photography
Yesterday at 10:29pm
Photography - Contemplation of daily life and the simple things
40 minutes ago
Monotone, minimalist, understated, subtle tones of grey
40 minutes ago
Photos artistiques de tulipes / Artistic pictures of tulips
1 May 2017 at 05:19pm
Photo poetry // birds and skies images
40 minutes ago
Self-portraiting the feminine
Yesterday at 3:57pm

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