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Tenderly Selfie With The Dutch Seascape est une création de l'artiste Oleg Ferstein. Catégorie Nature, Paysage, Plage, Fine-Art, Envie, Comédie, Photographie, Numérique. I just couldn't stay aside from all the beach experiences here on AL :). 5 distinctions,…

Tenderly Selfie With The Dutch Seascape

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Oleg Ferstein
Oleg Ferstein
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I just couldn't stay aside from all the beach experiences here on AL :)

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Ajouté le 14 September 2016 à 20:25
Créé 9 September 2016 à 00:00
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Message des autres artistes

Torsten Richter avatar
Torsten Richter They chose a smart angle for their picture.
In the end it´ll look like "just the both of us and the everlasting sea".
14 September 2016 à 20:31
Joseph Aieta avatar
Joseph Aieta Beautiful atmosphere !
14 September 2016 à 21:16
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein :)))) I really hope, Torsten, they didn't catch me in the frame! Thanks to you, I just realised - What a rare scoundrel I am! :))))
14 September 2016 à 21:21
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Thanks a lot, Craig!
14 September 2016 à 21:21
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Many thanks, Joseph! Really glad you like it!
14 September 2016 à 21:22
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert An old Dutch seascape, like the old masters could in the 17th century. Compliments Oleg!
14 September 2016 à 21:47
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein I knew it, Jos! If someone would grab this work, it will be you! Many thanks! Much appreciated!
14 September 2016 à 21:53
Alexander Kolesnik avatar
Alexander Kolesnik Oleg, well, God forgive me, bad mood. This is how I got to Turkey. Nothing personal, but it is better to take you somewhere under Vologda, drink vodka, go to the harsh Orthodox Church, and do not these massovyh crowded Mature on the beach...
14 September 2016 à 22:15
Vladimir Desancic avatar
Vladimir Desancic !
14 September 2016 à 22:17
Sandro Sardoz avatar
Sandro Sardoz Splendid layers, light, minimalism.
14 September 2016 à 22:18
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Done! Agreed, Alexander!:)) Где ж ты моя ненаглядная, где? ... :))))
14 September 2016 à 22:29
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Many thanks, Vladimir! Cheers!
14 September 2016 à 22:30
Roberto De Mitri avatar
Roberto De Mitri costumi nazional-popolari! :)
(This is a bit difficult to translate. because it is an expression that became part of the Italian language for almost a century. and it expresses a political criticism of a cultural phenomenon, that, by describing a use or a costume that ends up to take root in a radical way within a people, then ends to characterize the mass)...
well... great work! :)
14 September 2016 à 22:31
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein ...costumi nazional-popolari... I think, I perfectly understand the meaning of this expression, Roberto! And I almost sure, I understand the undertone of your comment!
The processes of total dullness of the masses here in the Netherlands and I guess everywhere in Europe are dramatic! Here it can't not be noticed because the country is very small. And the costume is indeed not an eulogistic one! Sometimes I really think about 1937 in Germany, England, Russia, Italy, Japan and others. They don't really understand the weather, what is going on! And I thought, the "Selfie and the stick" is a very good representation of a general destruction of societal conscience. There is nothing wrong with taking picture of your self, of course, but the "Selfie and the stick" is exactly as you said, became a sort of COSTUME! Which is, as a matter of fact, suits to everyone! And the most dangerous part that beyond this selfie, seems like, nothing exist! It is a very sad image with a slice of my cynical smile. I admit! :) Thanks a lot, Roberto!
14 September 2016 à 23:04
Radek Kilinski avatar
Radek Kilinski :-) in photography a lot of iodine, optimistic pleasure slowing time
14 September 2016 à 23:08
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Many thanks, Sandro! Very much pleased with your comment!
14 September 2016 à 23:11
Orr avatar
Orr Anyway, in a few decades, it will be a nice story. I like the atmosphere in this picture, or maybe it's just smog? I like this picture, anyway.
14 September 2016 à 23:46
Roberto De Mitri avatar
Roberto De Mitri Well, Oleg… :) … you said, in a very precise and accurate way, what I have been less accurate in saying. I've always difficult to describe in English abstract concepts like this. but I confess, I would have the same problems in Italian, probably. :)
your photo is intelligent and fine in describing what is, de facto, a change in the customs of our society, which, although legitimate, sometimes leaves me "perplexed", because there isn't, about me of course, a real satisfaction of a real need, but a consumption which is "end in itself", a consumption conditioned by a collective behavior, to which many adapt themselves without wondering the actual need or utility of the gesture.
“nazional-popolare” is a word that it has no negative connotations necessarily. It is something that is part of a folk costume. football on TV is national popular. Pizza is national popular (and pizza is good!). beer is national popular (and beer is very good! :) ).
Sundays at the beach for families is national popular, because it gives to the workers the opportunity to have a moment of relaxation.
but then, the risk is that also become national popular costumes and consumption that apparently have no real reason to exist (such as changing your mobile phone N. 5 with the new model N.6, just because the new model came out in the store… ). Well… I do not know if I explained, but I don't want to occupy too much space on this page. thank you for this photo because it helps the viewer to make self-awareness and personal criticism.
14 September 2016 à 23:54
Michaela Sibi avatar
Michaela Sibi Brilliant work!
15 September 2016 à 00:04
Torsten Richter avatar
Torsten Richter and why are there no dogs,hm? :)
15 September 2016 à 00:32
M W avatar
M W Reading your discussion, Oleg and Roberto, it relieved me that it's not only my reaction of rising up my pressure when seeing "selfie and the stick" and the whole ceremony around this...
Anyway I appreciate much cynical themes in works. Great job dear Oleg!
15 September 2016 à 00:35
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Torsten! Do you see these little mounds of sand? So, those are graves. :)))
15 September 2016 à 00:43
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Shit, it was very rude and not funny. Forget about it, Torsten! :) This is over civilized Holland! Dogs are forbidden on some beaches!
15 September 2016 à 00:43
Torsten Richter avatar
Torsten Richter Don´t worry,Oleg.Although I really love dogs I also like cynicism. :)
15 September 2016 à 10:47
Irca Caplikas avatar
Irca Caplikas missing words ...
15 September 2016 à 12:00
Claude de Maisonneuve avatar
Claude de Maisonneuve I do not know what to say, I think about the exchange of you and Roberto... anyways, it's a great picture !
15 September 2016 à 13:52
Pascal M. Cardon avatar
Pascal M. Cardon Beautiful misty beach!
15 September 2016 à 14:30
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein And more than just iodine, Radek! :))) I was very much enriched with vitamin D, but, I guess, I lost it again! :))) Thanks, mate!
15 September 2016 à 14:49
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein You right, Wojtek! In a few decades, right after Nuremberg or The Hague! :)
15 September 2016 à 14:52
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Many thanks, dear Maria W.! I suggest, we organize a party! ASS as a working title seems nice! Anti Selfie&Stick! :)))) At least three members we have already! :)
15 September 2016 à 14:58
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Thank you, dear Jean Michel! The day was nice indeed! :)
15 September 2016 à 14:59
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Thank you very much, dear Claude! Join the party! :)
15 September 2016 à 15:01
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Which words are missing, Irca?
15 September 2016 à 15:02
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Many many thanks, Pascal!
15 September 2016 à 15:03
Gérard Verbecelte avatar
Gérard Verbecelte Well seen !
15 September 2016 à 17:56
Yucel Basoglu avatar
Yucel Basoglu so beautifull!
17 September 2016 à 19:20
Suzan Armağan avatar
Suzan Armağan Excellent !...
17 September 2016 à 20:40
Abi Katon avatar
Abi Katon Beautiful story and scenery! I am touching :)
18 September 2016 à 05:18
Beate Letschert avatar
Beate Letschert It is really tender, Oleg!
18 September 2016 à 19:22
Fusyou Zen avatar
Fusyou Zen a feeling of air is very nice! great!
20 September 2016 à 18:55
Jan Kluveld avatar
Jan Kluveld Admirable
23 September 2016 à 16:10
Alessandro Rovelli avatar
Alessandro Rovelli Silky, in a parallel dimension...Well Done!
25 September 2016 à 22:19
Toni Traglia avatar
Toni Traglia wonderful mood of a normally dailly situation
7 July 2017 à 11:47

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