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Smith Street - Garbage Collection est une création de l'artiste Jared Christopher Martin. Catégorie Construction, Rue, Figuratif, Art numérique, Manipulation. Reconnecting to some older work – namely a series about the Smith street…

Smith Street - Garbage Collection

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Jared Christopher Martin
Jared Christopher Martin
PRO, Plasticien
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Reconnecting to some older work – namely a series about the Smith street in Brooklyn where my son and family live. I was born in NY, spent 27 years there before departing. It is bred in the bone, zapped into the DNA, part of my fight or flight instincts in every dangerous or confusing situation - but when I go back now it’s like entering a tiger’s cage. The cities grown and I’ve become a person of small habits. I expect a brawl on every street corner but the traffic flows smoothly, I stop and gape at impossible swatches of human geometry and architectural overload and clutch at the disappearing sky but the world of New Yorkers goes on around me. Humanity and mechanicity. This normal scene of loading garbage took on the significance of the Battle of the Milvian Bridge; another step down the street there would something else. There is no other place like this. Print fixed to maple panel with added textures (pumice, gesso and ink detailing) print at 36 X 54, finished in encaustic.

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Equipement multiple cameras including cellphone, printer, textures, computer, scanner
Technique assemble and compose images, superimposition, print out and add inks and extures, rescan and finish in PS. Print at 36 X 54.
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Ajouté le 5 May 2016 à 17:33
Créé 5 May 2016 à 00:00
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Sélectionné Excellence 6 May 2016 à 18:57
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Sélection Artscore 6 May 2016 à 11:47
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Sélectionné par les artistes 5 May 2016 à 17:33
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Message des autres artistes

Alessandro Rovelli avatar
Alessandro Rovelli Marvellous...what else!
5 May 2016 à 17:46
James A Crawford avatar
James A Crawford Outrageously Incredible..!
5 May 2016 à 17:54
Maria Frodl avatar
Maria Frodl amazing!
5 May 2016 à 18:18
Alexander Kolesnik avatar
Alexander Kolesnik Sincere admiration! Thousands of plots, unification of internal logic and sense of perspective for further development...
5 May 2016 à 18:48
Torsten Richter avatar
Torsten Richter first impression: a colourful chaos.
second impression: pulsing structures all around.
and then...i got lost in your image. :)
5 May 2016 à 19:27
Sam Peck avatar
Sam Peck What a magnificent work of art, Jared! You have a wonderful gift, my friend. That this is a page from your own life story makes all the more fascinating. When you say it's finished in encaustic, does that mean it's all under wax? Just spectacular!
5 May 2016 à 19:29
Joseph Aieta avatar
Joseph Aieta Just wonderful !
5 May 2016 à 20:35
Aleksandar Budjevac avatar
Aleksandar Budjevac I also do not want to accept my town, after the urban development and changes from my childhood. That to me is your work closer and more understandable and very likable, even a little sentimental, regardless of the strong elements of struggle and turmoil into which you introduce me to your work. Respect dear Jared.
5 May 2016 à 21:07
Tom O Scott avatar
Tom O Scott Once you're in photography for a while, you start getting exposed to all the "rules" -- rules of thirds, rules of focus, rules of color, etc. If you're lucky as an artist, you grow beyond these so-called rules and realize that they are really nothing more than tips for amateurs to make their efforts more palatable to the general public. If you're lucky as a viewer, you will find an artist who doesn't need these rules, who consistently breaks them, who proves them irrelevant. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have discovered your work, and this image occupies an honored place within it.
5 May 2016 à 21:54
Roberto De Mitri avatar
Roberto De Mitri a multidimensional puzzle. layer upon layer upon layer of daily life, of streets and of voices and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.
5 May 2016 à 22:04
Michaela Sibi avatar
Michaela Sibi Magnificent and outstanding work!
5 May 2016 à 22:52
Claude de Maisonneuve avatar
Claude de Maisonneuve Fantastic work ! Admire.
6 May 2016 à 10:53
Gérard Bret avatar
Gérard Bret Admirable travail
6 May 2016 à 18:02
Dana Winkelman avatar
Dana Winkelman I think it brings the city to life in a way that is unique. It is chaotic, cluttered, colorful, dirty, beautiful. It is as if you took a walk and put all your impressions into one image. A snapshot rendered as a movie. Cool as the other side of the pillow.
6 May 2016 à 21:48
Piotr Czekalski avatar
Piotr Czekalski Great !
6 May 2016 à 22:40
Egon Kronschnabel avatar
Egon Kronschnabel Visually stunning and monumental.
7 May 2016 à 00:07
Françoise Lucas avatar
Françoise Lucas Superb reflections, superpositions and 3d feeling.
8 May 2016 à 12:25
G B avatar
G B I say only ''WOW'':)
8 May 2016 à 17:50
Massimiliano Balò avatar
Massimiliano Balò Marvellous!
9 May 2016 à 17:59
Veronique Gerard avatar
Veronique Gerard Fantastic !
9 May 2016 à 18:57
Yucel Basoglu avatar
11 May 2016 à 08:40
Nathan Wirth avatar
Nathan Wirth Convergence ... that is the first word that came to my mind when I gazed into this image.
16 May 2016 à 08:05
Srikaton Mindarwanto avatar
Srikaton Mindarwanto Absolutley terific!
7 June 2016 à 17:38
Kerstin Stolzenburg avatar
Kerstin Stolzenburg amazing!
9 December 2016 à 14:16
Alexander Kolesnik avatar
Alexander Kolesnik The art work is super. Repeatedly viewed, enjoyment and a new perception of everyday life. Jared here is excellent, perfect.
9 December 2016 à 14:27
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