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Painting Away The Blues est une création de l'artiste Jared Christopher Martin. Catégorie Nature, Paysage, Aquatique, lac, rivière, Figuratif, Art numérique, Manipulation. This is all I feel like doing after the recent American…

Painting Away The Blues

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Jared Christopher Martin
Jared Christopher Martin
PRO, Plasticien
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This is all I feel like doing after the recent American election. I’m still in shock. Everything seems a darker shade of black. It is amusing to watch estranged politicians and media pundits trying to claw their way back to relevance in the new order, like ants digging out of tunnel collapse… Why did the democrats lose – they ignored too many people who supported them in years past. They became fat cats, tied to Wall Street and Globalism and entrenched elites, they became the party of ‘smart people’ who went heavy for social and climate change. Worthy issues that don’t resonate in small towns and farms and union communities where life is simple and people have been losing their jobs. The election was determined by Arithmetic instead of Calculus. Eventually people felt they were getting jobbed and held their nose and voted for Trump, but that sound of a giant whoosh of air leaving the tire was the sound of the Democratic Party hemorrhaging its most valuable longtime supporters. Back to the Rocks...

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Equipement camera, scanner, inks and textures, printer, computer
Technique assemble and compose, layer, add inks and texture, scan into computer and finish in PS. Print on Kozo rice paper @ 36 X 42 with a light glaze surface.
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Ajouté le 12 November 2016 à 16:42
Créé 12 November 2016 à 00:00
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Message des autres artistes

Bruno Blais avatar
Bruno Blais like the texture
12 November 2016 à 16:50
Alexander Kolesnik avatar
Alexander Kolesnik Divine. Remember Assol in anticipation of the meeting with the Prince on a yacht with red sails. Blame the Soviet story. Well liked. Ochem under the strong impression. You art the artist from God. All the best to You and further creative successes.
12 November 2016 à 16:51
Katerina Apostolakou avatar
Katerina Apostolakou Fantastic! Wonderful details in full view!
12 November 2016 à 17:49
Torsten Richter avatar
Torsten Richter Painting it away may give some alleviation and allow you to take a long deep breath for contemplation.
But essentially exhaling will lead you where you came from.
You´re still in it.
12 November 2016 à 19:26
Dalia Fijalkow avatar
Dalia Fijalkow Magnifique Jared !
12 November 2016 à 21:10
Michaela Sibi avatar
Michaela Sibi Brilliant and stunning!
12 November 2016 à 21:58
Piotr Czekalski avatar
Piotr Czekalski Excellent !
13 November 2016 à 00:19
Claude de Maisonneuve avatar
Claude de Maisonneuve Great !
13 November 2016 à 10:32
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Jared, marvelous!
13 November 2016 à 14:23
Françoise Lucas avatar
Françoise Lucas Impressive.
13 November 2016 à 17:01
Dana Winkelman avatar
Dana Winkelman An interesting double meaning in the title. I share your shock but it opened my eyes. I think I (we) listen a bit too much to folks that agree with our point of view and not enough to those who don't. However, the blues did win the popular vote (barely) and I think that most republicans are not the ogres we make them out to be. I believe in love and I also believe that in a pinch most folks will help their neighbors. It is the old curse, "may you live in interesting times."
13 November 2016 à 18:10
Beate Letschert avatar
Beate Letschert Jared, here in Europe we have been shocked too, nevertheless, we have the same radical movements, because of ignorance of the political establishment, grounded and not grounded fear, globalisation, etc. Yes, painting away your blues, we have to live with the strongness and the weakness of what we call democracy!
13 November 2016 à 18:38
Egon Kronschnabel avatar
Egon Kronschnabel I was also shocked the election in America. Why must strive for which he is in no wise suited someone for a job? Many people must be desperate to make such a choice.
13 November 2016 à 19:34
George Oncioiu avatar
George Oncioiu Amazing !
14 November 2016 à 08:54
Suzan Armağan avatar
Suzan Armağan Superb !..
14 November 2016 à 09:48
Yucel Basoglu avatar
Yucel Basoglu EXCELLENT WORK !
15 November 2016 à 19:43
Alessandro Rovelli avatar
Alessandro Rovelli A magnificent vision for my eyes!...and for my mind...
13 February 2017 à 15:43

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