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Glyph est une création de l'artiste Jared Christopher Martin. Catégorie Gens, Portrait, Femme, Figuratif, Art numérique, Manipulation. Spoiler alert – gloomy commentary: Hospitals have been considerably cleared up since the time…


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Jared Christopher Martin
Jared Christopher Martin
PRO, Plasticien
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Spoiler alert – gloomy commentary: Hospitals have been considerably cleared up since the time of Louis Pasteur and Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Good food, television, gleaming floors, cheerful nurses – but still dedicated to the reality that in certain wards one out of two people has a chance of being dead within 6 months. When I was there I would not let my grandchildren come visit and after a while bade off my wife, who became sad after each visit. I preferred to go it alone, I knew when I was getting out and what my chances were on the other side (great to excellent), and I’d pick up life after I drove out of the parking lot. Photos were not allowed, nevertheless I put together some impressions reassembled from memory, and they remain the truest companions of my time there.

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Equipement multiple cameras, inks, textures, scanner, [rinter, computer.
Technique assemblage, superimposition, print, hand detail. re-scan, finish in PS, print at 36 X 36 on Kozo rice paper.
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Ajouté le 13 May 2016 à 17:07
Créé 13 May 2016 à 00:00
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Sélectionné par le jury 28 May 2016 à 11:13
Sélection Artscore 14 May 2016 à 08:56
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Sélectionné par les artistes 13 May 2016 à 17:07
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Message des autres artistes

Maria Frodl avatar
Maria Frodl Very impressive Jared!
13 May 2016 à 17:11
Tom O Scott avatar
Tom O Scott The second I saw this image, it brought back memories of how I felt when I had a very bad reaction to an antibiotic, and my liver started failing. On the one hand, I felt a sense of alienation, and a fear of the shortness of our time on this earth. On the other, I was forced to reexamine my relationship to the world, to reclassify what was important and what was not. This image truly speaks to me -- I suppose because the physical and mental experience were so intertwined, it made a permanent mark on my consciousness. This image transported me back to that time. I'm not sure if this adequately conveys the power of this work the second I saw it.
13 May 2016 à 17:28
James A Crawford avatar
James A Crawford Powerful, Stunning, Exceptional, Illuminating and Astonishing are but just a few adjectives that one may apply to this Amazing Art Work. I like many of us have been hospitalized. In 1994 with a heart attack. I came in 4 days after the initial attack. I came close to death and spent over a week in ICU with some minor complications. My wife is an RN and knows all to well what may happen in hospitals. I was lucky and had good people and clean facilities. I go in for shoulder surgery June 17, 2016 :)

Jared, you never ever cease to amaze me with your awesome talent..!
13 May 2016 à 18:05
Claude Periez avatar
Claude Periez really unique masterpiece!
13 May 2016 à 18:13
Paul Surdulescu avatar
Paul Surdulescu Amazing work
13 May 2016 à 19:10
Vladimir Desancic avatar
Vladimir Desancic Very great ... Brilliant!
13 May 2016 à 19:19
Françoise Lucas avatar
Françoise Lucas Impressive, brilliant, the face looking at us from layers of memories.
13 May 2016 à 19:54
Sam Peck avatar
Sam Peck A masterful story telling of a frightful experience. Fabulous work, Jared! A week ago I had a terrible intestinal virus that was a royal ass kicking. I was thinking I'd ride it out in bed rather than take my chances in a hospital, the odds seemed better. All clear now. I'm glad you survived, my friend, to continue your amazing work!
13 May 2016 à 20:16
Nadezhda Romanova avatar
Nadezhda Romanova A Very talented and sad Art.
13 May 2016 à 20:47
Alexander Kolesnik avatar
Alexander Kolesnik Twilight Zone Serling unsurpassed. Those same feelings. But not the height. Master he is everywhere master, but not everyone is destined to understand and admire such a level. Not me. As Chekhov said, or go to drink tea or to hang myself.
13 May 2016 à 21:22
Roberto De Mitri avatar
Roberto De Mitri ten thousand stories and ten thousand sensations that overlap into one indefinable psychotic moment. a maelstrom of images.
13 May 2016 à 22:03
Piotr Czekalski avatar
Piotr Czekalski Superb !
13 May 2016 à 22:56
Chet B Simpson avatar
Chet B Simpson Awesome!
13 May 2016 à 23:02
Massimiliano Balò avatar
Massimiliano Balò Stunning!
14 May 2016 à 01:50
Michaela Sibi avatar
Michaela Sibi Intense, impressive and unique work!
14 May 2016 à 02:50
Joseph Aieta avatar
Joseph Aieta Innovative !
14 May 2016 à 18:14
esse avatar
esse l'emotion, toujours
14 May 2016 à 19:34
Eye2see avatar
Eye2see My compliments and well said!
15 May 2016 à 05:43
Alessandro Rovelli avatar
Alessandro Rovelli Touching, impressing...admiring...You are a a great artist...but especially a great Man!
15 May 2016 à 10:35
Ange Orsa avatar
Ange Orsa Big Tx :)
15 May 2016 à 21:50
Snjezana Bratanovic avatar
Snjezana Bratanovic So impressive work!
16 May 2016 à 09:22
Branislav Fabijanic avatar
Branislav Fabijanic Wonderful work!
16 May 2016 à 13:39
Dana Winkelman avatar
Dana Winkelman Jared. I have been looking at the thumb nail image for almost a week, knowing that I needed to wait because even that small little image was haunting. I think that you and I share our view of hospitals, damn nice when they work, terrible when they don't, and shitty places to visit either way. Your image captures the weariness and loneliness of the experience in a unique and beautiful image. An image in your unique style. You probably weren't trying to inspire but the work is inspirational anyway. I think Roberto got it about right, it is a maelstrom of imagery and like a maelstrom it is focused, intense, undeniable. I am sorry for what you went through but grateful for the interpretation. All the best. Dana...
17 May 2016 à 16:19
Irca Caplikas avatar
Irca Caplikas impressive, deep, fascinating work!
17 May 2016 à 19:04
Gérard Bret avatar
Gérard Bret Magnifique.
19 May 2016 à 09:48
Yucel Basoglu avatar
Yucel Basoglu AMAZING WORK !
19 May 2016 à 22:10
Suzan Armağan avatar
Suzan Armağan Marvelous !..
22 May 2016 à 14:04
Aleksandar Budjevac avatar
Aleksandar Budjevac well done. No comment.
16 June 2016 à 15:19
Abi Katon avatar
Abi Katon Tremendous!
17 June 2016 à 17:10
Tina Fiorenza avatar
Tina Fiorenza It 'hard to add other words that are not written. I can write what your photography gives me ... Every man carries within him 'something called "memory", it is as if every little piece of memory you have it wanted to impress upon this work not to lose the experience that every human being carries in his lifetime and that (maybe?) goes away with the last breath or breathing.
A dear greeting Jared.

ps: I hope the translation is understandable.
20 June 2016 à 15:46
Chet B Simpson avatar
Chet B Simpson Dear jared, I hope you are in good health. This is similar to an experience I have had with a few family members. Not fun, but scary. This is a small world, and I have a feeling we are going to meet some day. This is great work from memory, and hope for many more to come.
3 July 2016 à 15:50

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