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Bad Housing est une création de l'artiste Jared Christopher Martin. Catégorie Construction, Edifice, Structure, Figuratif, Art numérique, Manipulation. Allegory about American politics touching on the climate of fear being exacerbated…

Bad Housing

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Jared Christopher Martin
Jared Christopher Martin
PRO, Plasticien
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Allegory about American politics touching on the climate of fear being exacerbated by politicians in this election year. How giving into fear will improve relations with allies and make terrorists - arguably sprung from ground sowed by us in past decades – magically disappear seems like a poor choice on the back of a bad direction after making a wrong assumption. . Our country bursts at the seams with a combustible mixture of infrastructure decay, technological abundance, random bigotry, fraying temperament, unresolved history and inestimable promise and potential. Hard to figure. Situated much closer to the fire Europe seems calmer and more focused. Reviewing the image I wantto add more, or take away some, but need to let it go…

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Equipement multiple cameras, scanner, printer, inks and textures, computer
Technique assemble imagery, layer and superimpose, print draft, add hand detailing, re-scan and finish in PS - Print at 36 X 36.
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Ajouté le 26 July 2016 à 17:43
Créé 26 July 2016 à 00:00
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Sélectionné par le jury 28 July 2016 à 09:43
Sélection Artscore 26 July 2016 à 22:48
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Sélectionné par les artistes 26 July 2016 à 17:43
Sélectionné Visa 26 July 2016 à 20:45

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Message des autres artistes

Michael Ahrendt avatar
Michael Ahrendt Indeed;))) Nice work
26 July 2016 à 18:08
Jean Michel Pinot avatar
Jean Michel Pinot Wonderful work !
26 July 2016 à 18:33
Bruno Blais avatar
Bruno Blais open window on the world
26 July 2016 à 18:37
Tom O Scott avatar
Tom O Scott You realize, don't you, that with this image (well, really, all of your work), you have been entered into Donald Trump's list of "degenerate artists." I strongly suggest that come November, if he wins, you consider either exile or toning down your work -- perhaps limit yourself to nice pictures of flowers, sunsets, or immigrants killing older white men while they sleep.
26 July 2016 à 19:10
Claude de Maisonneuve avatar
Claude de Maisonneuve Love it ! The image and the comment are great, bring us to think about the sense of the life.
26 July 2016 à 19:12
Andreas Heumann avatar
Andreas Heumann Clinton or Trump, Cholera or the Plague?

Tough choice. The poor, oh no, not popular.
Our Boris J. UK's dick head No one visited you 2 days ago,
competing not just with the Trump Hair style but also with words he knows fuck all about (Munich).

Theresa May should tell him to pull his zipper up before he leaves home.

Your picture, if it speaks to you, keep it.
26 July 2016 à 19:21
Gérard Bret avatar
Gérard Bret Superbe
26 July 2016 à 19:27
Alexander Kolesnik avatar
Alexander Kolesnik To Express delight no particular reason. Your motto is to be optimistic. Here it is not. Perfectly normal this is my opinion, Yours may be opposite. However, Your previous work that great, reduce the level of perception. You are the master, from which we expect excellence. And Nevermind that wasn't in the mood...
26 July 2016 à 21:43
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Immediately have an association with one of the most significant russian Scenery Artist Daniil Lider and his scenography for "King Lear". Which both are really represent the perfect mirror for politics of all the times!
26 July 2016 à 21:58
Tran Trong Long avatar
Tran Trong Long marvelous work.
26 July 2016 à 22:04
Roberto De Mitri avatar
Roberto De Mitri ten thousand sensory stimuli per second. glorious composition.
26 July 2016 à 22:06
Frédéric Chaumelle avatar
Frédéric Chaumelle I like very much your work.A magnificent creativity!
26 July 2016 à 22:53
Irca Caplikas avatar
Irca Caplikas every intelligent phrase is already written.. - I just can admire your work
26 July 2016 à 23:02
Joseph Aieta avatar
Joseph Aieta Beautiful work !
26 July 2016 à 23:08
Torsten Richter avatar
Torsten Richter one of the pictures you can let grow and change over the years.
like a visual heritage for whatever is coming.
27 July 2016 à 00:29
Sam Peck avatar
Sam Peck A masterwork of American politics, culture and history, so perfectly told! From my point of view anyway. Your story is at once poetic and chillingly real. I would argue that Europe may look calm, but are sitting on a much bigger powder keg. Fine art, Jared!
27 July 2016 à 02:40
Allan Borebor avatar
Allan Borebor Asalways...great image! :)
27 July 2016 à 08:24
Egon Kronschnabel avatar
Egon Kronschnabel great one !
27 July 2016 à 08:49
Caryl Beach avatar
Caryl Beach Thought provoking and engaging of the senses in every way- it does what art should do- disturbing thoughts evoked in this time of uncertainty.
27 July 2016 à 08:59
Pascal M. Cardon avatar
Pascal M. Cardon Very strong réalisation, well done!
27 July 2016 à 16:03
Michaela Sibi avatar
Michaela Sibi Great and strong work!
27 July 2016 à 23:23
Alexander Kolesnik avatar
Alexander Kolesnik Once I asked a wise and respected that you want out of life. I said diversity. He was indignant that I'm wrong. He said be happy with even the smallest and unique from others. Sorry, but there is no explanation for the soul and thoughts...again, I apologize, the last time Russians were in deep search. It is not clear what the outcome will be. Maximalism, but alas, not a classic...
29 July 2016 à 23:16
Srikaton Mindarwanto avatar
Srikaton Mindarwanto Very loud and striking!
30 July 2016 à 13:50
Veronique Gerard avatar
Veronique Gerard Magnificent !
30 July 2016 à 16:14
Yucel Basoglu avatar
Yucel Basoglu Awesome work !
1 August 2016 à 18:41
Dana Winkelman avatar
Dana Winkelman Alas, there is never enough time to spend with your work. But the time spent is certainly satisfying. I see the conflict in it but more as a tension than outright violence. Tension between surrender and defiance (the central large figure). Tension between despair and joy (many of the faces). Tension between the vulgar and sublime. It is just my take on the image Jared but in the end I really think it is great.
2 August 2016 à 21:36
Suzan Armağan avatar
Suzan Armağan Marvelous !...
3 August 2016 à 12:52
Aleksandar Budjevac avatar
Aleksandar Budjevac Today I read a statement by my favorite movie director Clint Eastwood. Unfortunately, I share the same views and impressions. An excellent and readable work.
6 August 2016 à 18:09
Alessandro Rovelli avatar
Alessandro Rovelli Powerful image..great dynamic and marvellous colours...Always fabulous works dear friend!
4 October 2016 à 00:10
Yauheni Harauski avatar
Yauheni Harauski Hi, world! You have represented the big optimist!
9 December 2016 à 07:02
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