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Jan Kluveld
Jan Kluveld
Geographic location General artist, Maastricht, Netherlands
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Jan Kluveld, Maastricht, NetherlandsBirthday October, 16Contact Jan Kluveld:

Jan Kluveld is an visual artist. He exhibited his work on several occasions Radio Rijnmond Rotterdam, Poetry International Rotterdam, Film International Rotterdam.

Featured Artist Urban Riche Gallery in exhibition Colors.
Special merit award for "Moon Wife" in exhibition Abstract in the Light Space Time Gallery
Special recognition award for "Olympia" in the exhibition Figurative in the Light Space Time Gallery

His work Dilemma was in the exhibition Photography Black and White in Ph21 Gallery Budapest.

This is a part of an interview on Urban Riche Gallery that you can find here:!jan-kluveld-1/bhcgy

" (...) hat you see in the pictures are parts with the dimensions of approximately a postage stamp. They are part of a large canvas you can partly see in the photo of me at work. If you were to be in front of the painting as a whole, you would not be able to point out where the images you see in my photographs are located. I must admit that I sometimes cannot find them back myself. I created the painting as a whole with generous strokes of a large palette knife. On the edges of where the strokes overlap these small images arose and one day I discovered this and became fascinated by them. I created these images with the paint and the palette knife, but it was not done intentionally. This realization changed my way of working and consequently, my life. For years, I studied the painting through a magnifying glass deciding on the best way to frame these small images and complete the composition."

"Lighting is indeed the most important part of my photography. I only use direct sunlight. I try to place the canvas in such an angle that the sunlight highlights certain parts more than others of the stamp-sized compositions. This way I take photography as 'writing with light' literally, and I intentionally seek the boundaries of this process. Working together with the sun is challenging, to say the least because the light is always changing within seconds; the sun disappears behind a cloud, the intensity of the sunlight changes suddenly, adding to what I am looking for but sometimes destroying it before my eyes. I sit and look through the macro lens at this small part of a painting and wait. Sometimes weeks in a row because The Netherlands is not exactly famous for its hours of sunlight; it is a land of wind and rain and cloudy skies. What I see through the lens is the sunlight intensifying and then slowly pulling away or disappearing instantly. At the moment, the changing sunlight creates something beautiful (which is, of course, a very personal decision) I release the shutter, sometimes too late but sometimes at the exact right moment and when that happens, I am euphoric to have captured a unique moment. To recreate it is impossible because the sun will never shine that same way again."

You can see more of his work on and a selection on Both websites are under construction.
Influence Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon, Andy Warhol, Franz Kline, Alexander McQueen, Amanda.
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