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Henk Aalberts
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Over the years I moved from mainly reading about the human condition(study Modern Literature, University of Amsterdam) to mainly watching it (daily occupation now is photography).
The proces of writing a novel and making an image is in my view mainly a temporal difference. Not a substantial one. Anita Shreve stated: “A novel is a collision of ideas. Three or four threads may be floating around in the writer's consciousness, and at a single moment in time, these ideas collide and produce a novel.” Replace ‘novel' by ‘photograph' and ‘writer' by ‘writer with light' and you are in the proces of making a photograph. As far as I am concerned…
My photos are female-dominated, but the actors are not on stage to simply offer their beauty or sensuality, they are enscenated to express a sentiment or emotial perception…
My models may be glamourous but not exposed as such, they have a deducted sensuality, they are self-determining agents, their outer beauty is a phenomenon we can fall back on in an unexplainable human existence.

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My photographic motto is from Susan Sontag: "It is not altogether wrong to say that there is no such thing as a bad photograph - only less interesting, less relevant, less mysterious ones".

Influenced by: Ruth Bernhard, Miloslav Stibor, Christian Vogt, Thomas Karsten, Angelika Vogel, Monica Kuhn, Uwe Ommer


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