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List frequently asked questions about using and contributing to Art Limited. If you have just discovered Art Limited, take the time to check about page. You will find here information on the site, how it works and how to use it.

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terms of use and conditions

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By using Art Limited, you agree to these terms, which contain provisions applicable to all users of our service, including visitors to the Art Limited website. If you choose to register as a member, you will be asked to read and agree to all of the following terms:

  1. Prior to submitting your membership, you read accept all the terms and conditions. By accessing or using Art Limited, the user of this site and any individual or entity on whose behalf a user accesses or uses the site agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions and to our policy. Please read them carefully and often as they are subject to change.
  2. You must be of legal age, at least 18 years of age in France, and comply with the laws in force in the country from which you are accessing Art Limited. If you are under the age of majority and the laws of your country do not allow you to view such content, you are not authorized to access this site.
  3. In order to prevent or limit access to adult or inappropriate content for minors, there are commercially available parental control software (hardware or software, filtering services).
  4. Art Limited does not hold any rights in the works and their representation. He may use some of them for promotional purposes, always citing the author. If the consent is not proven, a request will be made in advance to the author.
  5. Art Limited makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied as to the operation of the service, or the content or products provided through the service. You expressly agree that your use of the service is at your own risk.
  6. You acknowledge and agree that Art Limited is not responsible or liable for the availability or accuracy of your resources, the content, or services.
  7. You acknowledge that you are solely responsible for all content and material you upload, post or otherwise transmit using the service. Art Limited has no ability to control the content you may upload, post or otherwise transmit using the service, and does not have any obligation to monitor such content for any purpose.
  8. Art Limited shall not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from use of this service, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, or punitive damages, even if Art Limited has been advised of the possibility of such damages.
  9. This Service is provided by Art Limited on an "as is" and "as available" basis and Art Limited reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the service, at its discretion, at any time and without notice. You agree that Art Limited is and will not be liable to you for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the service.
  10. All warranties of ownership, backup, destruction, accident, market value, limitation, implicit or explicit do not imply the site, its creators, as well as its partners or suppliers.
  11. Malfunctions resulting from connection quality, routing problems, navigation terminal errors, server overload or failure or, in general, from Internet interconnections, being beyond our control, for which it can be proven that we were informed and had noticed a real incident without having attempted to resolve it, cannot be blamed on Art Limited without real and measurable facts.
  12. We retain the right to deny access to anyone who we believe has violated any term of this agreement, or to anyone else for any reasons, which we need not disclose, at our discretion and convenience.
  13. We reserve the right to delete, move, or edit any postings that come to our attention that we consider unacceptable or inappropriate, or for any other other reasons, which we need not disclose, at our discretion and convenience.
  14. You voluntarily decide to access Art Limited and potentially see adult or inappropriate content for a minor audience or certain cultures.
  15. You fully agree, make sure you have understood and accepted the laws in force and which are applied to you.


how to create an account on art limited?

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Go to the "register" menu and follow the guidelines.


upgrading or extend an art limited account

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You need to get enough Art Limited Credits for the account type you want. For this use the Credits manager. Once you have enough Credits, apply them via the account manager interface.


guidelines on how prepare your picture for art limited

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We prefer quality, not quantity!
Art Limited is an Art site, we only want very different, strong, original, extraordinary and unusual artworks

What you need to do

  • Be sure to have a real creation to submit, all coming from you, based on a reflection, a concept, a real work,
  • Only submit your best completed work, with a very good result, on both aesthetic and technical skills,
  • Always ask yourself what you would think of your work if you were not its author before publishing, will you exhibit your creation in a gallery, a museum, or in an great Art center, will you pay for it yourself?
  • Don't choose the easy way, be clearly involved in your artistic statement, which must be original, unique and personal,
  • In series, don't add several slightly different versions of the same artwork, select only the best,
  • Pay attention to your framing, point of view, as well as your foreground and background, composition and staging,
  • Take care of your work quality, tonalities, densities, color renderings or shades of grays, finishing,
  • Create a specific personal and attractive thumbnail for your artwork,
  • Pay attention to the title, the wording and spelling, the grammar, avoid using definite article "The",
  • Stay natural in your presentation, avoid the easy effects that are made possible by paint software packages (blurs, trails, grain, texture layers, false old or instant film, etc ...),
  • And finally, describe clearly your approach, statement or process to facilitate the understanding of your work.

What you need to avoid

  • Consider Art Limited as an image bank, a stock image site, a royalty free image library, or cliparts agency,
  • Post artwork or reproduction that weren't created by you, even if you own rights,
  • Display descriptive reality (reportage, documentary, journalism, science, product, fashion, wedding, commercial) unless you do it with uncommon aestheticism,
  • Photographing or creating something you've found "beautiful or nice" doesn't make it an art masterpiece, this means nothing for us, please argue,
  • Cute, personal, standard family, party, traveling, wedding or special private moments pictures. We are sure you are in love, but this is the wrong place for it,
  • You enjoy "funny" and "cute" postcards or posters, our references are rather in Art libraries and major international museums,
  • Upload pictures that are too small. (for example less than 500 pixels wide as the smallest side),
  • Add too visible signs, use a discreet watermark, done with a sans serif font (Helvetica, Arial, ...),
  • Submit wide borders, postcard or poster layouts, it restricts the view and degrades site's visual display, it won't be featured,
  • Post a lot of images, our system keeps consistency of your results, lowest ones degrading the perceptive approach of the algorithm,
  • Artworks which have already been seen many times before are usually not reviewed unless they are truely amazing,
  • Empty or wrong categories, as well as anything that cannot be considered part of the creative process,
  • Consider paying members will benefit from corrupted moderators or editors, these fees concern only additional services.
  • Doing advertising, personal messaging or (auto) promotion in the image feeds. You have the user blog for such publication.

The criteria we take into consideration

  • The originality and creativity, tending towards the expression of novation,
  • The quality of the pictorial construction, framing, the balance of the structure and the composition,
  • The elegance, aesthetics of the stage, subjects or the scene itself,
  • The unique strength of the message and narrative expressed by the scene and its title,
  • The accuracy of representation, expression, communication,
  • The mastery of knowledge, production of the technique used,
  • The quality level of implementation, rendering, finishes,
  • The implicit references to defined and recognized Art movements,
  • The personal involvement versus the appearance of ease in the creation process,
  • The clever choice of all of these criteria in the creation result.

We understand and know that there is no unique rules defining a work of Art. We try to give some guidelines that are specific to the vision of Art Limited, and will no doubt differ from other media following different editorial lines.
Compared to 500px or Flickr, Art Limited focuses on artistic works, which makes it closer to Saatchi Art or Deviant Art. Compared to Facebook or Instagram, the site is designed more particularly for artists. The content is much more qualitative and the users are engaged in an artistic process.

Any images that don't fit any minimum of these rules won't be featured, and could received a fringe selection by Art Limited moderators, at our discretion and convenience to keep a high editorial line.


art limited credits

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Credits is the Art Limited exchange virtual currency. Credits are great to order up services and make gifts to other artists. The more Credits you've got, the more you can share your work.

Credits are very versatile, and we will be constantly coming up with new ways to make them even more useful as we expand the Credits program. As we do this, though, there are some important things to keep in mind:

  1. Credits can only be used on Art Limited, and you can only get or give Credits by being a member of Art Limited.
  2. Any transfer of Credits is binding, and cannot be reversed.
  3. You are unable to convert Credits back into currency.
  4. A complete transaction record to keep track of your balance is stored for you in the Credits interface.
  5. Art Limited will always keep your personal Credits information private.
  6. The limit of credits earned per day (invitation) is limited to 1200 and won't be reported to the next day.
  7. Credits cannot be cumulated with each other.
You can also win/use/share/give Credits for different actions, like:

Obtain or win Credits

  • Win 100 Credits when one of your image is featured by editors on Art Limited.
  • Gain 50 Credits when your image is enrolled in Excellence.
  • Obtain 200 Credits when an image is selected Best of day.
  • Obtain 400 Credits when an image is selected Best of week.
  • Obtain 1000 Credits when an image is selected Best of month.
  • Receive free 500 Credits when a member you invited by-mail register to Art Limited.
  • Gain 100 extra Credits when a user follow your personal code url and sign-up to Art Limited.
  • Obtain 2000 Credits if an new user (invited) makes his / her first payment of a value greater than or equal to 20€ on the site.
  • Give Credits to another member for whatever because you love his work, want to reward for a commission or just want to be nice.
  • Buy them directly on Art Limited site.
Use you Credits
The current exchange rate is 100 Credits for 1.08 €.



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The account Artscore defines the quality level of an artist on Art Limited, with a base representation of 100. The account score is calculated from all the visible 20 artworks uploaded in the last 24 months and already published in the common feed, completed with other specific account parameters calculation like consistency quality, engagement, selections count, points from different feeds and/or members, etc. Each image gets also its own Artscore, but with a different algorithm. The average of the whole image scores is not the account Artscore.
If you feel your Artscore is too low, you can delete the artworks that didn't obtain enough good results and keep your best ones. Only visible creations in the common feed are used in the calculation.
The Artscore for each single creation is computed at least 1 (one) time per hour since the image is seen.


achieving success on art limited

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Art Limited is a community and behind every action there is a person, whether they are sending or receiving. To maximize your chances of getting the attention and interest in you and your work, follow these tips to help you expand your audience which is the one you need to target:

  • Express yourself with good writing, honestly and courteously, as you would like anyone to do for you,
  • Taking the time to thank a person is smart, but not required, try to group your answers,
  • Follow the work of other members, build relationships,
  • Share your Art Limited artworks on social networks and bring back more connections,
  • Pay attention to your writing, many mistakes are made in title, comments, appreciations, proofread,
  • Add real keywords when necessary, as well as relevant and verifiable information,
  • Put the arworks you like into your favorites list, give assessments and reviews,
  • Your general involvement is taken into account by the Art Limited algorithms, but above all by the other members,
  • Do not forget humor, there is always a much worst situation!
If you're on Google+, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network, bring your friends or fans to Art Limited. If your friends ask you to recommend a good online gallery on the web, talk to them about Art Limited. If you have a blog, put a link back to Art Limited. More visitors and members on Art Limited means more audience for your creations, and vice versa, bringing back new contacts.

By following these best practices, coupled with a achieved work, you will ensure a maximum visibility.


images supervision by art limited

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Once your creation is uploaded on Art Limited and published, it is placed in the common feed based on the display rules, and immediately available for all Art Limited teams. Several thousands of artworks are published each day. Moderators explore publications based on various criteria detected by algorithms or visually:

By default, the verification sequence is first PRO accounts, ARTIST ones, then BOOK, ordered by best Artscore first. Nevertheless, we may have to examine artworks according to other criteria that would lead to a different order. Verification doesn't bring anything more than verification, and doesn't have any impact on selections or visibility. There are no deadline, time limit or obligation for staff artworks exploration. Once the preview is done, the image is labeled "Editor : Verified", only for information.
We do not respond to personal verification requests.
They select featured images for Art Limited. A creation need 100% of editors' voting to be selected.


best of selections

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"Best Of" artwork selection is automatically computed based on the highest rating of an image published in the whole editor's selection. This feed is public and updated once per day.
+ See also this link


editors' featured pictures

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Featured pictures are selected by Art Limited staff and editors. To encourage creativity and quality, visibility benefits are:

BOOK account

  • Featuring on the site home (thumbnails and unique image),
  • editor's selection feed,
  • Displayed in random bottom bar,
  • As well as on top right image,
  • Low priority in featuring waiting queue,
  • 100 credits bonus from Art Limited.

ARTIST and PRO accounts (not expired)

  • The same as BOOK account, plus the following promotions,
  • Eligibility to "Best Of" selections,
  • Published in featured images RSS feeds, High-Definition (higher quality) and Standard-Definition (thumbnails), enrolled into many medias applications and sites,
  • Potential display in e-mail messages like new comment, image publication, member exchange, alert, etc ...
  • High priority in featuring waiting queue,
  • Published in newsletters and e-mail program,
  • Promoted in Art Limited's social networks like Facebook, Tweeter, Pinterest, Google+, StumbleUpon, etc,
  • This promotion insuring an incredible potential burst visibility to unique and direct contacts, exponentially with site visitors, shares, likes, reblogs and others on different social networks outside the site.
If a picture is deleted or removed for any reason, the credit won't be suppressed as well.
+ See also this link



Number (id) for this help section: 116

The Excellence selection is picked by the Editors of Art Limited for high quality artworks. This feed is public.


artworks selected by the jury

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The jury selection is performed by the members of the jury of Art Limited. The artwork will be automatically selected when it receives at least 40 points from its members. The selection is updated each hour and depends of the current Jury team members, as calculations aren't retroactive.



Number (id) for this help section: 115

The Artscore selection proposes creations having obtained an Artscore greater than or equal to 40. This selection is public.
The Artscore for each single creation is computed at least 1 (one) time per hour since the image is seen.


artworks selected by social network shares

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The social selection is performed by the social network activity. The artwork will be automatically selected when it receives at least 32 sharing/like actions from all the monitored networks and a minimum of 64 appreciations by the Art Limited members. The selection is updated each hour.


favourites selection

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favourites selection is made by Art Limited users, when an artwork reaches 16 favourites. This selection is subject to changes, depending on the users activity during a specific period, account deletions, as well as how Art Limited wants to improve the level and quality of the site.
+ See also this link


artists selection

Number (id) for this help section: 101

Artists' artwork selection is made by registered members when an artwork reaches at least 322 points, and will immediately and automatically appear in the selection. The points requested are subject to changes, depending on the users activity during a specific period, as well when Art Limited wants to improve the level and quality of the site.
+ See also this link


visa selection

Number (id) for this help section: 6

Visa artwork selection is an automatic pre-validation selection based on appreciation, creativity and constant qualitative assessment of achievement algorithm detection, resulting in immediate appearance in this feed when it matches its parameters. The formula may vary depending on how Art Limited staff wants to improve the level and quality of the site. This feed is public.
+ See also this link


common feed

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Only 1 (one) artwork will be published to the common feed per time slot depending of your current account Artscore (see table below). You can upload several images based on your account quota, they will be automatically published with your own period range based on your latest yet published artwork date. If you didn't published a creation in the previous time range, it will be available immediately in the common feed.

1001 day 1 hour 6 hours 3 hours
951 day 1 hour 6 hours 3 hours
901 day 1 hour 6 hours 3 hours
851 day 1 hour 6 hours 3 hours
801 day 1 hour 6 hours 3 hours
751 day 1 hour 6 hours 3 hours
701 day 1 hour 6 hours 3 hours
651 day 1 hour 6 hours 3 hours
601 day 1 hour 6 hours 3 hours
551 day 1 hour 6 hours 3 hours
501 day 1 hour 6 hours 3 hours
451 day 1 hour 6 hours 3 hours
401 day 1 hour 6 hours 3 hours
351 day 12 hours 14 hours 8 hours
302 days 22 hours 14 hours
252 days 12 hours1 day 6 hours 19 hours
203 days 1 day 15 hours1 day 1 hour
153 days 12 hours1 day 23 hours1 day 7 hours
104 days 2 days 7 hours1 day 12 hours
54 days 12 hours2 days 15 hours1 day 18 hours
05 days 3 days 2 days

This concerns only the common general feed, the images will appear immediately in profile and personal site(s). Your contacts will be also notified some minutes after a new image is uploaded. Besides, you can check the publication time and date in the information field "Common feed" under your image.

The common feed displays chronologically all the artworks added by the artists. This feed is public, but limited to creations with a rating >=32 points for non-registered members. The limitation may vary depending on how Art Limited staff wants to improve the level and quality of the site.
+ See also this link


using site appreciation system

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Any rating/appreciating level used differs from one individual to another. The explanations below are intended to provide a basic reference used by Art Limited. It can be used as a starting point when adding appreciations, but not as the unique reference to refer to.

Interesting: feeling a general expressed or implied affinity for some creative/technical/visual part present in the composition, theme, rendering.
Nice: good job, in connection with certain criteria for assessing an individual or group, adequate to the proposed idea and/or effect, without strong personal commitment of the observer.
I like: very good work, unique and creative, which is distinguished by its qualities, even if the theme or subject/choice of creation does not match the sensitivity of the observer.
Remarkable: excellent creativity, originality and technical realisation giving an impression of total mastery in expression and medium, in adequacy with the viewer's feelings.
Admirable: harmony both in the technical choice, rendering, and the topic/theme achieved with maximum qualifications that match, almost perfectly, the ideal representation of its nature, function or to express a clear overall superiority compared to other same type of creations.

Appreciation on a positive scale allows us to construct a qualitative model based on the signals of all voters. Thus, each assessment given, even the smallest, coupled with the inter-relationship between users, contributes to the development of the model. As the consequence of users seeking to weaken perception is marginal, this remains insignificant. The only real penalty is the absence of a vote.


appreciated artists, jury members

Number (id) for this help section: 102

This automatic selection is based on artists who have more than 40 creations and 20 featured artworks with a featuring ratio of 11.0%, who accessed the site in the last 15 days, and who have an average of 222.0 points for their whole work. This dynamic list is computed each night.
+ See also this link


explorer members

Number (id) for this help section: 117

Explorer award is given to ambassadorial users having invited at least 5 new artists in the last month that have shared at least 5 artworks to the community. This merit includes all available invitation modes referencing the user of the referral.


permanent contest

Number (id) for this help section: 103

The permanent contest allows any BOOK account owner to win a free ARTIST account valid for one year. Click on the link for more information.
+ See also this link


interested in buying work on art limited?

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If an artist wants to sell his or her work on Art Limited, information concerning price, copies, shipping, technics used and other relevant points will be provided.
Art Limited acts as a trader between the artist and the buyer and doesn't receive any commission fee when a sale is made.
Art Limited does not print or ship any work.
A contact form is available for each item that is sold, allowing the artist to be directly contacted.

Art Limited makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied as to the operation of the service, or the content or products, provided through this service. you expressly agree that your use of the service is at your own risk.

Art Limited shall not be liable for any damages of any kind arising from use of the service, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, or punitive damages, even if Art Limited has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


how to manage my artworks?

Number (id) for this help section: 3

Upload an artwork
Once you are logged in, go to the upper right menu image icon and and choose the Upload a new image button.
An interface allows you to select a picture file on your hard disk drive, to upload and validate its format.
Once uploaded, you need to publish the artwork to make it visible to community, by clicking on the Publish button on thumbnail or Edit icon under the image. Afterwards you will be able to add detailed information about it.
You can also upload several image files at the same time and publish them later at your convenience.
An unpublished image is only visible by its author. Only the final publication triggers visibility by other users.
Edit/replace an artwork
Go to your artwork, then click on the "Edit image" pen icon. Then change information you need.
Delete an artwork
Go to your artwork, then click on Delete image cross icon.
Adult content
"Adult content" must be checked for any scenes containing suggestive, implicit or explicit nudity and/or sexuality, violence and/or any content that may offend an individual, especially children.
Some people do not want to be confronted with these images by default (personal choice, culture, presentation to others, etc.) and can set it on the interface.
Administrators may mark an "adult content" image if necessary without the consent of the author.
In this case an image marked "adult content" should be visible after obtaining the visitor's consent, registered or not.
Participate to blind comments during 48 hours
Your profile will be hidden during 48 hours for this image and will allow comments without knowing who created it. During this time, the pictures will be hidden from your profile.
Selling your works
The site offers different profiles where you can add information to sell an art work.
Art Limited doesn't sell or trade your work at this time. If a visitor see how much and how you sell your work, he will be able to contact you and trade directly with you.
Create a gallery
To create a gallery for your images, go to the "Image tools" panel menu, then "gallery" tab and follow the form (only available for ARTIST and PRO accounts).
Technical characteristics
Use a maximum of attributes, buyers will use them to refine their searches. Select carefully the details of your artwork and leave the information if you are unsure about it.
Advanced critics
Request real commentary and real feedback on your artwork, more views through critical attention and rankings. Such images have a red square marker in the main gallery. Find out all these artworks in a dedicated gallery.


the importance of category choice and consequences

Number (id) for this help section: 10

All artworks are checked by Art Limited's administrators one by one. In order to maintain a qualitative editorial line, an artwork won't show up in keyword search results or in any automated selection processings until it is validated.
If an image has been inserted in a wrong category or a minor error has been made, Art Limited administrators will correct it manually.
If too many important errors are detected during image control, the automatic applicable consequences by the site are:
The artwork won't be featured by Art Limited.
The artist must fix the errors (see "ALERTS" tab in message menu).
The image will be reset and resubmitted to validation control later.
Art Limited records errors, a large amount or repeated errors will result in validation priority being set to low.


image categories

Number (id) for this help section: 5

Image categories are facultative, but become important when you select them, especially for image researchers, your work and Art Limited credibility.
The classification is oriented first with the image title then its main subject. Always put yourself in somebody's place to define category, the researcher point of view, and describe it if uncommon. Please read the possible consequences in case of misuse.

Photography: other than digital, e. g. films, instants, alternative processes, specify the type of film or chemical process, as well as the type of camera used in "equipment" text field.
Abstract: this is something without reference to anything in a real or imaginary world, and can't be recognized.
Digital Art 3D/2D: thanks to precise the software(s) used for creation.
Mixed media: used mediums, materials and techniques.
Portrait: an artwork representing a real or fictitious person, from a physical or psychological point of view. A relationship, expectation, command, demand which, without being expressly stated, is virtually contained in an explicit reasoning or conduct must exist between the artist and the subject.

Color: unaltered colors for photography, polychrome and color artworks (traditional painting and others).
Black and white: only black and white artworks.
Toned: monochrome, duotone, toned artwork (sepia, selenium, gold, platinum, cyanotype, split-toning and others), color changes (even digital) from black and white images.
Colorized: altered, post-colorization, rebuilt colormap, partial, selective and zone colorization, and chemical color-shift as in cross processing, intentional or induced by the process itself.

For example, using a Polaroid film often give a colorized vision of the reality: the category is colorized. Ditto for the use of spotlights during a show for example, when the light is altered to produce a particular effect.


what does «fringe selection» mean?

Number (id) for this help section: 14

It means your creation is inappropriate for the high quality standards we have set for Art Limited.
You'll find some useful information by referring to the advice and guidelines.
It's not a judgement against you as a person, and it concerns only the creation and its representation.
It doesn’t mean the image is bad, it just means it doesn’t correspond to the idea we have concerning Art, here on Art Limited.
It is in no way intended as an insult to you as an individual.
The image will not be suppressed, but is hidden from view for non-member visitors as well as from the community feeds.
Your contacts and other site members will still be able to view it, via your profile or notifications, then comment it, rate it, etc.
If you decide to change the image, moderators will gladly review it again for further consideration.
This relates only to the Community part of Art Limited, and is applied to all account types, and all members.
This will not affect the display of an image on personal sites created with a PRO account, as a private space that has no relation to the community site.
After 20 images placed in fringe on your account, new ones will be automatically marked fringe also and wait for moderators approval for being displayed in common feed.
The Art Limited team will not be available for comments concerning the decision of individual images. Unfortunately the moderators don't have the time to argue.


what does «moderator advice» mean?

Number (id) for this help section: 15

Most often this is an overly simplistic, a too common choice of subject, basic achievement or a non-compliance with the rules (edges, effects, blur, textures, filters, editing, signing, etc. Read again carefully the quality charter). We are looking for originality, freshness, difference, and technical quality. We don't select images that are too common or similar, easy to perform, unless they are truly exceptional. About 1/100 of the images are selected, so do not be offended if your image isn't, it does not mean this is a "bad image", it just does not match the style we are looking for at Art Limited. Continue to explore, browse the selections, visit major Art exhibitions, see and express the world differently them. If too much images are somehow identical, they can be marked as fringe selection.
The image won't be selected by editors


how to add an image into group projects?

Number (id) for this help section: 17

You have 2 ways to add an image to group projects:
Add yourself to group projects
You must first choose projects and join them. Once done, go to your image editor, select an image and click on the projects tab.
Simply select the project where you want to add your image.
The project onwer has invited you
The other way is when a project owner invites you to join a project or to add your image into a project, even if you're member of it. You will receive an e-mail with details and instructions to follow. Pay attention to projects. Wrong image insertions will be removed by project owners. Only ARTIST accounts can create projects.


galleries and display options

Number (id) for this help section: 105

Advanced information under thumbnails, if the option is selected, advanced information is displayed under thumbnails such as:

  • selected by Art Limited editors
  • means the image is ready for sale
  •   advanced critics requested


display an artwork

Number (id) for this help section: 120

Keyboard shortcuts

  • p key: opens the project dialog box (subscribers only)
  • l key: displays the image in full screen
  • f key: manage the image in your favorites (subscribers only)
  • s key: share the image on social networks
  • c key: add a comment to the image
  • a key: follow the artist


using tags and keywords

Number (id) for this help section: 99

Tags are like keywords or labels that you should add to your picture to make it easy to find by others, or crawled by web robots and spiders to get more visibility over the web.
You can tag with keywords like "paris fashion moulin rouge eiffel john". Later if you look for pictures of "paris", you can just click that tag to access all pictures that have been tagged with "paris".
You can add tags that belong to personal or popular groups. A number of people have created interesting image collections or a series, with, for example, "johnexhibitionparis2007" for all pictures that were exhibited by John in Paris during 2007.


how to create a blog post?

Number (id) for this help section: 106

A blog post is a public place in which you can publish your news, your selections, your preferred artists and pictures, and news on art or special events, for example. It will be seen by all the members watching your work, as well as external site visitors. This visibility impact is huge, so use it the best way you can, respecting the following rules.
Inserting HTML code
You can insert simple HTML code, such as bold, italic, tables,and font sizes. Most advanced ones will be automatically removed. You can also add external images like, for example, a logo, decorative elements, notices and posters via the simple <IMG SRC="..."> HTML tag. You'll find many examples about it on Internet.


using a reference-id

Number (id) for this help section: 113

A "reference identification" is a marker making it possible to add an element of the site easily.
For an image, you will find this reference in its details (noted [ref-pidxxxx]), allowing to copy-paste it in your journal to be replaced later by its thumbnail with its label, author, as well as a direct link to the original version.
You can also add the artist avatar the same way, the reference (noted [ref-mibxxxx]) being in the description of their profile.


problem with a user

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If you have problems with a user, there are several ways to protect yourself.

  • Delete comments on your images, hover over the message to suppress and click on the cross on the right to remove it.
  • Block user by going to his profile and clicking the block button.
  • Serious case contact us at support.


i don't receive any more e-mail from art limited?

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Once logged into the site, go to your ACCOUNT menu and follow the simple instructions.
Art Limited can automatically de-activate e-mail messages if your e-mail address has been detected for any problems (mailbox full, message rejection, bounce, etc ...). To avoid this kind of problem and prior to re-activation, you must approve as an authorised sender on your e-mail system. After you have solved the problem you will be able to re-activate yourself through your account interface.


how to delete an account?

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For security, policy and responsibility, we can't delete your account for you, even upon request.
Once logged into the site, go to your ACCOUNT menu and follow the simple instructions.
In case you have lost your password, you can reset it to identify yourself again.
If you no longer have access to your mailbox, contact the support that will ask you a proof of your identity.

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