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Greetje Van Son
Greetje Van Son
Geographic location Semi-professional photographer, Waalre, Netherlands
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Greetje Van Son, Waalre, Netherlands67 years oldSince 2005 I became serious about photography. That means, I look consciously to light, composition and focus / depth in order to achieve a picture with more eloquence.
At this moment I work with a DSRL Sony Alpha a99ii.

I started as a self-taught photographer and have learned a lot by looking at the work of other photographers and by taken much pictures by myself. In July 2014 I graduated successfully to the Photographerschool.

Versatility is my characteristic, but I prefer modern architecture, macro photography and landscape photography. I like to discover details in a subject. Often this works alienating on a photo and the original subject is no longer identifiable. This is one of the features of my work.
Influence Several photographers in architecture
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