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Giovanni Maria Sacco
Giovanni Maria Sacco
Geographic location Amateur photographer, Torino, Italy
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Giovanni Maria Sacco, Torino, Italy64 years oldI have been taking photographs since I was ten, with short and long intermissions. Back in full since 2012, with a strong interest in industrial archaeology. I have always been interested in decay and abandon, and abandoned places (preferably industries in a grand scale) do capture my fancy.

2 works (including a 2x1m hi-res print) in the "Le Rovine Esposte" exhibition in Turin, Italy, curated by Enzo Biffi Gentili
1st and 4th cover in its catalog (plus some photos inside)

All Things Devoured - Ogni cosa divora il tempo
book/e-book available through web site
Sad America (mostly b&w)
book/e-book available through web site

IPA honorable mention in Architecture > Interiors with the series Time At Work

MIFA honorable mention in Abstract with the series Erotica
LensCulture Street Photography Awards featured in the curated Competition Gallery
IPA 3rd place in Industrial
IPA Honorable Mention in Industrial
IPA Honorable Mention in Abstract
ND Awards Honorable Mention

8 photos in the Lost Italy exhibition at the University of Roma 2, Tor Vergata, Rome, Italy
Fine Art Photography Awards Nominee in Conceptual with the series Preserve your memories
MIFA Bronze award for the book "All things devoured" in Book>Fine Art
Monovision Photography Awards. Honorable Mention for the series "In corpore vili"

I am a (proud) member of Lost Italy and industriekultur-fotografie
Influence Lao Tzu, Giorgio de Chirico (early), Piranesi, Felice e Francesco Casorati, Edward Hopper Jean-Loup Sieff, Arthur Tress, Arnold Newman, Edward Weston
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