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A question of time

Photography, February 27, 2019 at 04:13pm - viewed 948 times.

Long exposure photography is a technique that has long been dear to me, because it allows me to contemplate space and feel time on a more human scale. Discover more about this amazing technique and how I used it since many years now.

Denis Olivier - The Open Space #ii
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People often ask me why take long exposure shots in photography? I'll try to tell you the story ;)

In fact, it comes from a test I did with an infrared filter in 2005 in french country fields. The first idea was not a long exposure at all, but to have a different perception of reality. I started my first tests with landscapes, wanting to find the bleaching of grass and leaves in the infrared. You will see the 2 first images from this test session in this article. If you look carefully you will find the same tree in the 2 photographs. Faced with the success of the result, it was only later, when I researched the results obtained, that I tried it with water effects such as clouds, seas or lakes.

Besides the fact that it gives another perception of reality, it is also another perception of time. In this digital world where time overtakes humans, long exposure shots allow me to take time, to stay in the same place for a long time and to feed on the moment, to observe, more exactly to contemplate.

I have had the opportunity to travel a lot and to search for singular places, allowing me to feel the time that passes on another scale, especially when I add the presence of elements of human construction, which resist more or less long to this time that passes inexorably.

Although I did a lot of silver laboratory work before, all the photographs I edit are now made with a digital camera. From a totally practical point of view, it is much easier for me to travel light, to be able to check if I have enough raw material for the print run, or even sometimes to edit it directly at the hotel on my computer.

I have only used Canon cameras since the beginning, which suit me perfectly. I wouldn't do better or worse in terms of image with other brands, I pay little attention to the technique because it's not the one who watches in the viewfinder!

I just show here an extract of my work, you'll see on my Art Limited profile much more long exposure shots. If you have specific questions, write them in the comment below and I'll reply to them in the article.

Denis Olivier - The Open Space Vii
Denis Olivier - Diving Pier
Denis Olivier - 3 Poles
Denis Olivier - Dark Pier
Denis Olivier - Ré Island Bridge
Denis Olivier - Old Pier At Dusk
Denis Olivier - Smurfit Factory #7
Denis Olivier - Diving Pier
Denis Olivier - Stair And Pier
Denis Olivier - Carcass
Denis Olivier - Moment In Time
Denis Olivier - Right Here Right Now
Denis Olivier - Three Trees
Denis Olivier - Sense Of Elation
Denis Olivier - Vasco Da Gama Bridge And Pier
Denis Olivier - Stair End And Pier
Denis Olivier - Pont De Pierre
Denis Olivier - 00
Denis Olivier - Fishing Nets
Denis Olivier - Concrete Pipe
Denis Olivier - Golfech Nuclear Power Plant #3
Denis Olivier - Pool Plank


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