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Maxime Olivier
Maxime Olivier
Geographic location Amateur graphic designer, Paris, France
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Maxime Olivier, Paris, France20 years oldAka Cellulart - Non-professional French Artist - Amator Graphic Designer

We live in a time during which mobile / cellular / smart phones are as powerfull as computers...
They are able to take high quality photographs and allow the creation of colorful pictures through digital editing.

Welcome to a world of cellular art.


You will find two main categories of pictures on my profile :

- Creations : a gallery of pictures fully created by digital processing, mostly by using monochrome bases, then adding colors, fragments, prisms, polygons, textures, and sometimes symetry. It can go from photorealism to psychedelism and is a 100 % made from dust work.

- Editings : pictures or drawings which are edited an turned into something surrealist, abstract, and often completely different from the original. Those are edited with the same techniques as the "creations".
Influence Pop Art, Penrose, Simon Hantaï, Optical illusions, Visual ambigrams, Surrealism, Fractals, Psychedelism, Street Art
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