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Published 20 April 2014

Upgrading security strength

We need you!

Art Limited Office, Bordeaux, France

The current issues concerning OpenSSL and the "Heartbleed" hole is the perfect moment to upgrade the security on Art Limited platform. Even if this major bug doesn't affect any part of Art Limited, we have been wanting to change the security core engine for login and password hash algorithm for many months. We are now ready. Follow our simple guidelines for the update.

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Art Limited doesn't store any of the passwords you are using. We are just keeping an encrypted "fingerprint" version of them. Since 2005, we have been using the same algorithm, and as time passes, the power of computers calculation has increased a lot. This is very good news for image processing, research, 3D computing or gaming, but also for crackers. So we decided to change to be sure to bring you the best possible security for your personal data.

What this will change for me?

Nothing in the future if your follow our guidelines carefully.
You need to take into consideration these 3 points:
  1. Is my password secure? Read below how.
  2. Do I have access to my e-mail address? Read below why.
  3. When I will need to change. Read below when.
What is a good password?

This is maybe the moment for you to change for a stronger password. A good password should be a string of characters not simple to find or to associate with you. Find out why.
There are many password checkers over Internet, check out these ones to see how strong your password is currently by Microsoft. This project estimates the time required to crack your password. Be ready to cry!
If you don't know how to create yours, you could use this interface that will help you to create strong patterns.

If you want to go deep into password and cryptography, read this great and complete article concerning this subject.

Do I have access to my e-mail address?

When resetting your password, we will send you a validation message to the e-mail address you have defined on Art Limited.
So be sure to have entered the right e-mail address to the interface or we won't be able to send you this reset link and you won't be able to sign in.
If you don't have access to your e-mail address box, it will be more complicated as we need a scan of any official document proof like an ID card or passport to change the e-mail address manually upon request through the support.
So verify your e-mail address in account profile prior to make the reset.

When will I need to apply the password reset?

After Saturday 26 April 2014, at 00:00am (Paris time, France), we will reset all password signatures to random values, so you will just need to use the reset password link on the login page to change it back to yours.

If you have problem, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Juli Kirsanova


30 April 2014 at 10:44am

thank you!



29 April 2014 at 03:46pm

Wonderful, thank you, worked perfectly.


Los Angeles

23 April 2014 at 04:59pm

No problem, it's oki!


Toulouse, France

23 April 2014 at 04:55pm

Oki, understood!


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