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Published 3 November 2015

How to sell your Artworks on Art Limited

Optimize your efficiency

Art Limited HQ, Bordeaux, France

Learn more on how to optimize your results on Art Limited. In order to maximise your chances of selling your artwork you need to work on different factors to increase potential buyer interest.

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If an artist wants to sell his or her work on Art Limited, information concerning price, copies, shipping, techniques used and other relevant points need to be provided. Learn how it works and how you can achieve better marketing results.

Art Limited role

  • The site offers different profiles where you can add information to sell an art work. Art Limited doesn't sell or trade your work at this time.
  • Art Limited acts as a trader between the artist and the buyer and doesn't receive any commission fee when a sale is made.
  • Art Limited does not print or ship any work.
  • You fully trade yourself the sale process with your customer, as and when you want.
  • A contact form is available for each item that is sold, allowing the artist to be directly contacted.
  • Art Limited makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied as to the operation of the service, or the content or products, provided through this feature.

What should I do?

On seeing your work for sale a visitor will be able to contact you and trade directly with you without creating an account on Art Limited. You need to convince a visitor who doesn't know anything about your business not only with your art but also with the service your provide.

Selling artworks is only available for ARTIST and PRO accounts.

Creating different sale type profiles

To be able to sell your work better, you must set selling profiles, which when combined with your images, allow members or visitors to know that a creation is available for sale.

You will find them in the top right menu image, then artwork selling profiles. We created 3 profiles :

  • Print : mostly for photography, painting, drawing,
  • Digital : if you have a digitalized version of your artwork in a file,
  • Misc : all other types, like sculpture or design installation, for example.

We advise you to be as accurate as possible in the descriptions, in order to reassure the buyer on your seriousness and ensure that you can handle all the requests you will have.

Manage your artworks

You can manage and remove artworks at any time.
You are allowed to set different profiles for one artwork at the same time (for exemple a print for collectors and a small file version ready for different types of illustrations).

The sale cart icon

The orange sale cart icon is displayed by default on every thumbnails and images ready to buy, giving a quick visibility and shortcut to the order process.
You can deactivate it on the sale profile manager. It is not displayed on expired accounts.

The shop

On your public profile you'll find a shop tab referencing all the artworks ready to be sold.
It's another type of view to maximise your work visibility.

Increase you visibility

Art Limited proposes to help you to enlarge your artwork visibility so don't forego the chance to get new customers and market as much as possible your work with the different available tools on the site.

Importance of your e-mail address

Be sure also you are using a valid e-mail address for your account or/and add domain to your sender safe list to avoid this kind of messages to be sent to your spambox.

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed and found it useful. We would love to hear your feedback. Please contact us with any feedback or if you have a link you'd like to submit.

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