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Published 23 September 2013

Changing public profile url

Towards simplification

Office, Bordeaux, France

Access to personal profiles public url will change gradually in the following days. Logic of access and storage simplification, better SEO, benefits for the technical architecture, we specify in this post a detailed explanations of the impact of these changes.

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Since 2005, the url of public profile are available in the form for ARTIST and PRO accounts and for VISITOR and BOOK accounts.

In the short term, they will be available in the form or Ref-mid is the unique identification number to your account.

For example, the Art Limited team account is currently available with the url Once changed, it will be displayed in the form

This new syntax is already available at the moment. The old format will not be removed until the search engines indexation is done through a permanent automatic redirection .

Why the change?

First for simplicity , many members having risen that it wasn’t really easy to remember the url in the old syntax .

In addition, and without going into too much technical detail, the previous syntax need us to maintain a "*" entry (meaning all) in DNS, which parasites referencing in search engines with url multiplicity and is designed to allow the server to respond to everything.

And too many url in search engines, especially when they serve the same content is not good for optimum SEO. For example, Art Limited has more than 100 million records, and too much are identical. This has no interest, more heavily and unnecessarily overload servers when indexing without any profit!

We have already made some changes in this direction. We need to change the site links to your profiles also, if we forget some, feel free to help by giving us your feedback.
If you don't see the changes, just logout and connect back to the site to reinitialize them.


Another reason concerne the security of HTTP requests, including AJAX technology and avoid opening too wide access following the "cross-domain " model.

What you have to do !

Do not forget to make the changes on your personal websites and wherever you copied the old url . You have time, but do not wait too long, spend a whole sceance, comfortably sitted, for example with your favorite music.

For PRO and ARTIST accounts, if you wish to change, go to the MEMBER then ACCOUNT menu, click on PROFILE tab, look for "Your personal customized url access to Art Limited", and only if you do not have nickname referenced choose yours .

For those who wish to change or get a new pseudo, it will be possible later with an extended syntax, some characters are already allowed as the underscore "_" and the hyphen " -", or the "." in few days.

Warning, change nickname makes you lose your ranking and requires a new indexing by search engines, which can take several days to several weeks.

The final change will be effective on January 1st, 2014 at 08:00am (Paris, France time).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts.

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