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Published 29 December 2013

In square format

Rendering artworks thumbnail

Art Limited office, Bordeaux, France

The thumbnail format of artworks on Art Limited will change for the square one by default in the following days for all the feeds and different parts of the site.

 - Interface
Preview thumbnail for artwork Interface
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When you submit a creation, the thumbnail will be generated automatically in square format, taking the greatest possible part of the center of the image.

It will be possible for you to edit the thumbnail to select a different zone than the automatically generated one. This will allow you to maybe select the most essential part of your image, the more impacting one when hundreds of thumbnails are juxtaposed .

Why this choice?

For the sake of graphic quality and design, square format remains the simplest, which includes a maximum of information in a finite well built and elegant space .

We have other future plans for Art Limited that will require special and unified layout .
Finally, the mathematical manipulation of the square format is much faster in the various calculations resize on the fly, as well as for the browser display .

What will happen to the current thumbnails?

They will be automatically generated for all images Art limited, you will have nothing to do, unless you want to change some by yourself.



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