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Published 5 January 2019

Art Limited best creative artworks of 2018

Amazing selections by editors

HQ, Bordeaux, France

These artworks have been selected by editors from the top artists artworks showcased in 2018. This results shows the incredible creativity and talent we have on Art Limited. Don't forget to browse the whole galeries to discover much more of our worldwide talents.

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Congratulations again to all artists and members for their engagement. Of course, we cannot present here the work of all the incredible artists who contribute to the exemplary artistic quality that we discover every day. But we do not forget them and thank them for their excellent creativity throughout the year.

You can continue your visit by browsing all the images selected by the editors of Art Limited during the year 2018.

If you want to showcase your art or review and vote by yourself only, you need to signup to Art Limited.

Roberto De Mitri - The other side of the mirror

Rocco Carnevale - 3000

Dandea Lucian - Bathing in the light

Jos Letschert - Series - Small abstracts (2), 2018

Nicolas Bruno - Tramare

Marie-claude Strausz - Sombres murailles-Lima

Yuri Shep - Tube

Simone Sander - Untitled

Sajin Sasidharan - 'Revolution'

Ozkan Konu - Dancing on the beach

Vesa Pihanurmi - De Brug II

Ruadh Delone - Essence 001

Iryna Gragera - Untitled

Roberto De Mitri - The essential nature of a substance beyond the phenomenal flow.

Patrick Ems - When the Curtain Falls

Maxime Olivier - Popbots

Roberto De Mitri - Ritratto Allo Specchio. After Midnight.

Iliyana Gonzales-ilie - I need something, give me something wonderful...

Philomena Famulok - Untitled

Kazuhiro Higashi - Untitled

Marie-lou Chatel - 1950 Thanksgiving snowstorm

Caryl Beach - Hag Stones

Monika Cichoszewska - Connection of the souls

Pierre Pellegrini - Winter Joins I

Noorvan Mardi Prasetyo Ovan - Untitled

Iryna Gragera - Lola

Inès Jordan - Chimères

Vladimir Desancic - 1105

Joao Coelho - Zzzuum

Andrea Ehrenreich - Stana re 2018

James Wigger - Clouds I

Sandra Požun - Broken trust.

Vladimir Desancic - 1062

Ebru Sidar - Coma

Ivan Kovalev - Encounter

Dorothée Sorin - Interstitium

Chantal Serène - Chez Nicolai

Svetlana Melik-nubarova - Manipulation

Pierre Jarrige - Under the lines

Jos Letschert - Priamos, last king of Troy

Patrick Ems - Eclipse

Sandra Požun - Stigmata.

Keith Ellul - Revisiting an old friend

Pierre Pellegrini - Time stops

Roberto De Mitri - Sulphur mercurius et sal

Inès Jordan - Whispering river

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Art Limited Editors
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