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Published 6 August 2013

Adult content, protection, liberty

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You probably can't tell but it is very difficult to maintain a visual editorial line. When you are talking about content that could be considered “adult” it can become a real conundrum. We have decided to do a complete overhaul and tried to keep a maximum amount of users happy.

 - Gustave Courbet, "L'origine du monde",1866 , Musée d'Orsay, Paris
Preview thumbnail for artwork Gustave Courbet, "L'origine du monde",1866 , Musée d'Orsay, Paris
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Our assessment of the situation

People have been complaining about not seeing some artist's images, about exclusions from some partner programs or from online directories, search engines or feeds.
We wish to maintain our difference, but it has ended up generating a whole load of situations where people feel are unfair, that have been long and difficult to resolve. It was time to do something about it.

What is adult content?

The term defines content that can be assimilated by a human being without generating upset or inner turmoil. It's a very vague definition.
What is often pointed to is explicit nudity, scenes of a sexual nature or scenes that could be characterized as pornographic.
Nobody has ever been has ever denounced violence, suffering, death, arms, blood or flesh, to our great surprise and regret.

The reality of the situation

Of course it's complicated. In some countries, communities, families or for some people nudity is a taboo subject whereas for others it is something natural.
It's important to find an adequate balance : allowing artists that work with this kind of content while still respecting the visitor to the site be it a human being or a machine (robots and other content aggregators).

Before, adult content was invisible to anybody who was not a member of the site. This was a situation which is unfavorable to the artists.
It can happen that we overlooked some images, a breast, some bottoms, some sexual organs, all of which are integral parts of the human body. Everything depends on the way the image is used and of what message we can receive from it, in the respect of everybody involved, and of cultures and religions.


Our moral position

First of all we endeavour to respect the laws of France.
As a general rule of thumb everything that could shock or offense an individual, and primarily children, which would be inadequate in the family circle or in a public place.
We will always choose the the simplest and most obvious interpretation.

How Art Limited will function

All images containing nudity, violence, death, suffering, arms or other explicit content that could be potentially shocking are to be marked “Adult”

The thumbnails will be replaced with a substitute content in a fun manner.
The images will be available to users and robots with the content of the image replaced by an alert. Non member users will have to click to confirm their wish to view the image following the prevention and responsibility message.

With regards to existing images, we have automatically updated images work present in categories or projects containing this kind of content.

We will endeavor to continue this evaluation process manually in the future. You can make things easier for us by doing it yourself for your own images which aren't yet in conformity with the policy.

Thanks for your help, we are counting on you!

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