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Démoniaque (God Of Ashur) est une création de l'artiste Alexandru Crisan. Catégorie Art numérique, Manipulation. Cette oeuvre est à vendre. -------------------------------------------------------------------- series [impossible…
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Démoniaque (God Of Ashur)

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oeuvres de alexandru crisan

Alexandru Crisan
Alexandru Crisan
ARTIST, Citoyen du Monde
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Tirage, 0 cm x 0 cm, Hahnemuhle Photo Rag 308 or Fine Art Baryta 325[LE] [EDITION OF 10] LIMITED FINE ART PRINT EDITION ____________________________________________ + FINEART PRINT EDITION OF 10 / Print size: 60x60cm [24x24’’] numbered from 1/10. ____________________________________________ Printed on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Photo Rag 308 gsm matte paper or Fine Art Baryta 325 on Canon iPF 8300 Fine Art printer. Estimated display life is at least 100 years before noticeable change. For best longevity, prints should be mounted under anti-UV glass and not be displayed in direct sunlight. Each print has a stamped Hahnemuhle certificate of authenticity with serial number provided for tracking, title, edition number and personal signature on the back. Prints are unmounted and shipped rolled in tube, well protected against moisture and damage. The photography can also be sent framed, on express request, ready to be hanged on your wall, at an additional cost calculated to dimensions of the selected frame. Shipping is included by Postal Service. The order will begin processing after 7 days from the clear payment. Total delivery time about 1-2 weeks.Help Icon
series [impossible worlds][necronomicon][surreal manipulations]
[démoniaque] ancient gods © Alexandru Crisan 2016
more artworks: https://alexandru-crisan.com/

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Sélectionné Excellence 29 July 2016 à 07:48
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alexandrucrisan ancient anunnaki anxiety assyrian babylonian canaanite crisan démoniaque fantasy fobia gods hyperrealism impossible knights magic manipulation mesopotamian mystery necronomicon nephilim panoptikon phoenician resurrection sumerian surreal templars worlds

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Message des autres artistes

Claude de Maisonneuve avatar
Claude de Maisonneuve Fantastic work !
28 July 2016 à 11:07
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Ah, come on, Ashur !?!? :)))) Hi is a solar god! Old favorable semitic god! He isn't demonic at all! :))) But this series of yours is stunning! What ever you name it! :)
28 July 2016 à 15:12
Michaela Sibi avatar
Michaela Sibi Splendid and outstanding!
29 July 2016 à 00:30
Ivanna Ivanova avatar
Ivanna Ivanova no, no words...it's absolutely incredible! from where?
29 July 2016 à 01:46
Joseph Aieta avatar
Joseph Aieta Yes Demoniaque , good work !
29 July 2016 à 06:46
Alexandru Crisan avatar
Alexandru Crisan ab ilâni, the father of gods... as you can see I have a new vision of representation Oleg, as never seen before! :) You can easily recognize, in frontal plane projection, the winged disc, which normally, in archaic representations, appeared in lateral projection. ...and yes, it's from my "Demoniaque" series, even we talk about a hypothetical solar iconography, because the pantheon of gods usually, confuse the god of Ashur with Marduk! but I guess you already know that! :)
29 July 2016 à 12:55
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein You mean Babylonian pantheon. Indeed there was a total mess in recognition of different idols. That is why it didn't last long. But Roman mythology puts everything on its place by abolishing Marduk for instance and replacing him with Jupiter. :))) But what concern "Solar iconography", this is relly very intersting topic! The point is that I don't know any other type of iconography. But this is a huge theme! :)
29 July 2016 à 19:27
Marianne Charlotte Mylonas-svikovsky avatar
Marianne Charlotte Mylonas-svikovsky Very extraordinary and fine, somewhat frightening too
29 July 2016 à 23:25
Veronique Gerard avatar
Veronique Gerard Whaouuu, Magnifique Cher Alexandru, du grand art !
30 July 2016 à 14:59
Gérard Verbecelte avatar
Gérard Verbecelte Very creative ...fine work !
30 July 2016 à 19:11
Chet B Simpson avatar
Chet B Simpson Brilliant!
30 July 2016 à 20:17
Amadeus Ungethuem avatar
Amadeus Ungethuem a very bloodthirsty one...
30 July 2016 à 23:22
George Digalakis avatar
George Digalakis Excellent work!
31 July 2016 à 11:13
Alexandru Crisan avatar
Alexandru Crisan we could start our little chat on "lunar (or dark) iconography" but I believe this is a subject to discuss in private Oleg! ;)
31 July 2016 à 18:11
Alexandru Crisan avatar
Alexandru Crisan indeed Amadeus, he is waiting for the next victim...:))))
1 August 2016 à 13:13
Chrystel Caparros avatar
Chrystel Caparros Fantastic ! As always
1 August 2016 à 19:54
Ivanna Ivanova avatar
Ivanna Ivanova returning on this one! best!
2 August 2016 à 01:58
Alessandro Rovelli avatar
Alessandro Rovelli Fantastic Work!
7 August 2016 à 18:42
Alexandru Crisan avatar
Alexandru Crisan merci
24 November 2016 à 17:49
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