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lianzhou foto, lianzhou, china

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Lianzhou Foto Festival Your Selfie Stick (and you) Lianzhou Foto, Lianzhou, China
Lianzhou Foto Festival
Your Selfie Stick (and you)

Photography | Lianzhou Foto, Lianzhou, China | Saturday 2 December 2017 - Tuesday 2 January 2018

We live in a digital culture that has completely transformed our visual habits. We witness and participate in the mass use of the “me” – previously reserved to but a few – because this staging is the only way to prevail in this world of visual competitiveness. However, when faced with this overexposure of images, we should ask ourselves where the creator of images is positioned.


moderna museet, stockholm, sweden

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Exhibition Golden Sunset Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden
Golden Sunset

Photography | Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Sweden | Saturday 25 March 2017 - Sunday 7 January 2018

See contemporary Swedish photography! We are featuring recently-acquired photo-based works by Miriam Bäckström, Linda Hofvander, Jenny Källman, Tova Mozard, Julia Peirone, Eva Stenram, and Martin Karlsson Tebus.


crocker art museum, sacramento, united-states

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Richard Diebenkorn Beginnings Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, United-States
Richard Diebenkorn

Painting | Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, United-States | Sunday 8 October 2017 - Sunday 7 January 2018

A look at the artist's early work and evolution to maturity through 100 paintings and drawings that precede his shift to figuration.


tokyo metropolitan art museum, tokyo, japan

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Van Gogh & Japan Exhibition Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Van Gogh & Japan

Painting | Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan | Tuesday 24 October 2017 - Monday 8 January 2018

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) was profoundly interested in Japan. From his Paris period to his early days in Arles, he collected ukiyo-e prints and writings on Japanese culture. Conversely, Japanese artists and intellectuals became enamored of Van Gogh after his death and made pilgrimages to his grave in Auvers-sur-Oise in France. Through some 40 of Van Gogh’s oil paintings and sketches plus 50 works by Japanese ukiyo-e artists and Van Gogh’s contemporaries, and abundant historical materials, this exhibition explores the mutual fascination between Van Gogh and Japan, and presents fascinating new perspectives.


the national museum of art, oslo, norway

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Bjørn Winsnes Framed The National Museum of Art, Oslo, Norway
Bjørn Winsnes

Photography | The National Museum of Art, Oslo, Norway | Friday 1 September 2017 - Sunday 14 January 2018

From the 1950s, an artistic trend emerged in European architectural photography. A number of photographers explored architectonic form as a means of artistic expression. In Norway, Bjørn Winsnes (1925–2012) was the foremost exponent of this movement. The photographs in this exhibition depict buildings by architects such as Erling Viksjø, Eliassen and Lambertz-Nilssen, Robert Esdaile and Geir Grung. Winsnes highlights the sculptural shapes and tactile surfaces of the architecture. Many of the photos appear as abstract compositions; others give insight into a social setting, as was typical of Nordic architectural photography of the period.


museo universitario arte contemporáneo, méxico, mexico

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Yves Klein Exhibition Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo, México, Mexico
Yves Klein

Painting | Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo, México, Mexico | Saturday 26 August 2017 - Sunday 14 January 2018

Yves Klein is the first retrospective in Latin America on the pioneering artist of action art and the immaterial practices of contemporary art. The exhibition charts a course through more than 75 artworks and an extensive selection of documents—letters, drawings, photographs and films—taking in the great variety of facets the artist developed over his short but intense and prolific career (1954-1962).


the metropolitan museum of art, new york, united-states

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Rodin At The Met The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, United-States
At The Met

Sculpture | The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, United-States | Saturday 16 September 2017 - Monday 15 January 2018

On the centenary of the death of Auguste Rodin (1840–1917), The Metropolitan Museum of Art will celebrate its historic collection of the artist's work. Nearly 50 marbles, bronzes, plasters, and terracottas by Rodin, representing more than a century of acquisitions and gifts to the Museum, will be displayed in the newly installed and refurbished B. Gerald Cantor Sculpture Gallery (gallery 800).


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