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Noorvan Mardi Prasetyo Ovan
Noorvan Mardi Prasetyo Ovan
Geographic location Semi-professional photographer, Australia
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Noorvan Mardi Prasetyo Ovan, Australia39 years oldI am also a Photographer who/in which process both analog and digital by myself.I live in Earth. I graduated from Gadjah Mada University in 2004 (Bachelor Degree). My major was in Economics (Management).

I was born in East borneo (Half East Borneo and Java). I started my photography passion since around 2002 -2003 where i learnt by myself (a self taught). Landscape and macro photography are my interest in photography too.

I had experience in Screen Printing in the past and after a few years i took a short course in CAE (Australia).

To be honest, i did not register or apply to this community (artlimited) but perhaps someone has added me to join this community. Finally, i would like to say thank you for being a member in this community.

Thank you (Merci & Danke).

My Main Jobs as A Photographer, English Tutor, Computer Hardware, and so on.

My Photography field focus on Wedding, Product, Human Interest, Graduation.

Indonesia - Australia (Melbourne).
Influence Ansel Adams, Y.Karsh, James N, and to be myself of course.
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