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Gitana Vaicys
Gitana Vaicys
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Gitana Vaicys, London, United-KingdomHi there. My name is Gitana and thank you, that you are taking time to check out my profile. So i would like to share some bits. I am partly deaf and grew up in a silent family, with deaf parents,which forced me to quietly watch and observe people around me every day. Accurately observing them, watc hing their body language, and using lip reading, helped me to understand conversations and interact with people as others do.
Even today, the practice of observing fascinates me, and my work has been affected by that. It is no surprise, that most of my paintings are in the form of figurative or portrait painting, often painted in bold colours, combining realistic style with abstract features to compliment this boldness. Using colourful stripes or patterns, gives the feeling of order within disorder, much like myself not hearing properly, trying to put everything in order with other fun methods. Spending lots of time observing people makes you notice most character and personality traits and that is what I try to convert onto canvas; people, who are bold, unique, drastically strong, crazy, shy, calm or passionate.
In my work I explore how colour, amount of it, and abstract shapes can influence a painting's mood, emotion and energy.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) First Class from UEL, London
Completed a 2 years long Fine Art course at City Lit, London
Had a year long private painting tuition at a London based profesional artist studio
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