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Antony Cooper
Antony Cooper
Geographic location Varied artist, United-Kingdom
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When and how do you start to create?

I started drawing as a child, inspired by my estranged father's architectural drawings. For a while I aspired to be an architect but my aspirations were thwarted by any number of setbacks and constraints, some of my own making and some not. I became a plumber which in hindsight was a particularly creative period of my life. I didn't seriously return to drawing and painting until I was in my 40's, prompted by a catastrophic failure of my "marriage" and my partner and child moving to the other side of the world. I downed my plumbing tools and began a new creative journey, first studying art and design, then fine art painting at degree level.


Do you went to an art school or self-taught?

I studied Fine Art Painting and graduated in 2003 with a BA(Hons) Degree. In 2005 I got a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Apparently making me fit to teach Fine Art... proving conclusively that appearances can be deceptive! Shortly after getting my PGCE my mother's health began to decline and I began another journey and occupation as a carer. During this time I was unable to practice my art in any organised way. I turned to photography, specifically Macro photography. My photography is self taught, though I am not sure that such a thing exists and if it does, I am not at all sure that anything can be taught. ...that's a strange thing for a teacher to say...


Do you create as a professional or for your own?

I am now a professional artist/photography/creative practitioner. However I do not generate enough income to live on! My disposition leans toward the artist as an outlier working alone in his garret. I know for a fact that the world is not ready for what I have to say or do!


How do you learn and work your skill?

My principle ethos for creative practice and life in general is in order to know a thing, you must experience a thing. You can talk about it all you like, hear about it ad nauseam but until you actually feel a thing, do a thing, are a thing, a thing is unknown and intangible. As spoken in the Tao , that which can be spoken is not the Tao, the truth that can be spoken is not the truth. I practice muscle memory, endless repetition and learning by rote.


What do you like in this art, your motivation?

My motivation for creating art is a dubious desire not to conform to western ethical and economic beliefs. I actually believe humans are not supposed to enslave one another. It's controversial I know but I can't help feeling it deep inside my being.


What do you want to express or arouse in those who watch your work?

I don't really aim at arousal or desire to express anything specific. Again, this is due to a profound belief that everyone unique and on their own very personal journey and it would be very presumptuous of me to deflect another's path just because I was feeling deliberately moody or elated.


What are your favourite subject(s)?

My favourite subjects are encompassed by an aesthetic/desire/emotion - call it what you will - "good humour". As far as I am aware, I haven't deviated from this in my creative practice. I really think that in my deepest depressions I am able to remain good humoured and able to see the funny side. I think my work reflects a passion for life, the Universe and everything.


How do you prepare a creation or project work?

Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance! The Six P Rule is my bible! And like most people I know, I adhere to it with the mind of a feckless puppy! Added to that, I am not at all sure that "project" isn't a four letter word...


What are your prefered moment(s) when you create?

I can create in my sleep! Honestly, the only time I am not creative is when I am suffering one of my clinical depressions. And who is to say, that depression isn't creative!


What are your most representative creations, and why? (links)

You see? This is what was bugging me when I was studying Fine Art! Do you honestly believe I have the capacity to edit and critique my own creations? Why would I want to do that?! They are all my babies, don't kill my babies!


What are you trying to share via your art?

I am attempting to share my diversity, my cause célèbre is the idea that everything is ART! Everyone is an artist and that creativity can be found everywhere and in everything. And separating astrophysics from quantum physics, philosophy from psychiatry, art from science is counter productive and futile. Because they are all part of one enormous wondrous whole.

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