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Francesco Baudi
Francesco Baudi
Geographic location Amateur photographer, Catanzaro, Italy
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Francesco Baudi, Catanzaro, ItalyFrancesco Baudi is a Calabrian amateur photographer since he was young and, recently he is practicing, in searching his personal style that expresses the real photography power.
He believes in photography as a moment of objective documentation that can be applied to the description of the landscape and also as an artistic expression of feelings or as a language to communicate something to the observer.
His portfolio expresses this thought, in the description of the landscape (particular attention has been given to the area of Germaneto di Catanzaro, a business center “in progress” of the city and seat of the University where he works), of the portrait photography, which should come from achieving empathy with the models to capture the soul of the subject. Other themes are the nude picture that is beauty or investigation, but never scandal and the photo of theater/dance in which he is better expressed and with greater personal satisfaction.
Looking for a personal expressive language, which he does not possess yet, he is gaining experience in the field of portrait and self-portrait participating in workshops, courses and relationships.
The goal is to express one's own feelings through a photographic storytelling that he considers a form that characterizes the photographer activity in an indispensable way.
He considers the study and the application of the photo editing a fundamental kit for a photographer and even if the manipulation of the original photo could represent an artistic expression, he just tries to optimize the composition, to choose the cut, to convert in b/w and to optimize the lights and shadows.
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