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Stephen Hodgetts
Stephen Hodgetts
Geographic location Citizen of the World, Wetley Rocks, United-Kingdom
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Stephen Hodgetts, Wetley Rocks, United-KingdomStephen Hodgetts LRPS - I was born in London, England and now live in a small village near the Peak District National Park.

In my 30's I studied photography at Art College, which was turning point for my work, as it encouraged me to experiment with different styles, subject matters and essentially learning to ‘see' and not just to ‘look'.

Ultimately, I would describe my Black & White Photography as abstract; I am not looking to simply record what I see, but visualise how I wish the final image to look and to be interpreted by others. The choreography of light, texture, depth and composition all play a vital role in bringing my subject matter to life and building the story, context and style I wish to convey.

At heart I am still a traditional photographer, processing my own films and working in a darkroom, however, I have embraced the world of digital photography and new technology, seeing this as simply adding colours to my palette rather than a short cut to mastering my art.

My most recent work has been project based, inspired by the excellent book by Irving Penn called Small Trades, I have started working on the project “Tools for Small Trades” which has won a portfolio award in the British Black & White Photography magazine and has inspired me to publish a book on this subject.
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