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Lia Mesme
Lia Mesme
Varied artist
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When and how do you start to create?

It doesn't matter what time it is. I can always start creating, but there is something magical about early mornings, around 3 AM. That's the time when my inner voice gets so loud that it won't let me fall asleep. Doctors call it insomnia, I call it creativity. There are totally different vibes in the air at that time, and it is very inspiring for me. I'm a quite chaotic person with a chaotic mind, so I would be lying if I said I plan every move. I'm working with emotions while I'm emotional, so there's not much preparation. I trust myself, and let the story unfold.


Do you create as a professional or for your own?

I'd say both. I love to make personalized gifts for people who I love and care about, but I also sell my art.


How do you learn and work your skill?

Three words. Research, practice, and experiment.


What do you like in this art, your motivation?

I've always been fascinated with masks. There's something scary and beautiful in them as they are hiding one's real face. I want to create masks that tell stories in unique and different ways. The more you hide, the more you reveal. And that's what motivates me, this mystery, to dive into the unknown.


What are your favourite subject(s)?

My favorite subject is the mystery of a raging mind.


What are your prefered moment(s) when you create?

I believe pain and beauty go hand in hand, so I prefer to create when I'm suffering. I'm always suffering. When you love and hate yourself at the same time you see the world from a different perspective.


What are your most representative creations, and why? (links)

"The Day the Music Died." It's a mask that reflects my feelings about music. I believe music is magical. It's the purest form of innocence. I can't imagine a world without music, and that's what I am trying to express with this mask. On the left side, there is darkness and silence. Living in a cave, far away from the light. On the other side, there is music that fills our soul with life. The other is "The Mask of True Love." In good times and bad times. For me, this is what true love looks like. Acceptance and respect. When we confess our love to someone, we accept their good side and dark side as well. To love someone for who they are is very rare nowadays. Superficial people in a superficial world. This mask symbolizes true love, when two souls meet and unite.


If you couldn’t be an artist, what would you do?

I would probably still be working as an occupational therapist. I don't regret those years, but I've always been a clown trapped in reality who didn't like the real world, so I had to create a dream world instead. I live for today and I am ready to die the next day because I know I have lived my day to the fullest.


Do you have anything else to say?

Yes, I do. I love to philosophize, and I think this has influenced my art as well. My two favorite philosophers are Nietzsche and Schopenhauer. Two of my all-time favorite quotes from Nietzsche are: "It seems that all great things, in order to inscribe eternal demands in the heart of humanity, must first wander the earth under monostrous and terrifying masks." "And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music."

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