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DearIndifference Thomas
DearIndifference Thomas
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DearIndifference Thomas, United-StatesAwakenings (Walls)
I think in a sense this whole project is about finding myself and exploring those emotions that we tend to bury or ignore. I feel like so much of our life is left in the shadows, we have so much to worry about and think about and deal with that we tend to just let these pieces of ourselves fall away and get lost. I kinda wanted to turn around and find those pieces, pick them up, examine them, question why I left them behind, why I ignored them, what do they mean. Fear - what the hell am I afraid of? Vulnerability - If someone sees me without clothes, without walls, without my guard up, what will they think? It's so easy to walk through life with the blinders on, focusing on all the wrong things, but something happens, and we catch a glimpse of the whole, and I just realized that I've been a very closed off person. I still feel that way, but through this work, I get to open a few windows, let the light in, I'm starting to recognize that all the things I convinced myself were true, weren't ideals and beliefs developed from experience but were ideals and beliefs that were sort of inherited. I just accepted them without question. I think in a lot of ways that's what this project embodies for me. These moments are my way of asking questions and finding my own answers.
Influence My Influences are many, but I'd definitely say Francesca Woodman is someone whose work truly speaks to me.
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