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Jos Letschert
Jos Letschert
Member of jury
Geographic location Professional painter, Bad Salzuflen, Germany
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Jos Letschert, Bad Salzuflen, Germany70 years oldJos Letschert is a Dutch painter, sculptor, author and poet. He is a graduate of the Dutch 'Akademie voor beeldende Vorming Amersfoort' (now: 'University of the Arts Utrecht'). He is an educationalist, doctor in social sciences and (retired) professor for educational policy.
He lives and works in Germany. His artwork is represented in private collections in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Scotland, Canada and the USA.

Intuitive Expressionism
Intuition in my painting is a process of knowing and acting in often complex situations, based on implicit inspiration, i.e. inspiration that does not originate from purely rational or cognitive considerations, but that appeals to the visualisation of hidden (tacit) knowledge. The process of painting is particularly intuitive. Connotation or intellectual reasoning mostly takes place with pictorial media, less by spoken or written words or concepts, and is therefore primarily to understand in a pictorial way. Painting derives its ‘raison d'être' from what cannot comparatively be said or understood in other ways - like music, that derives its possibilities to exist by its own tonality and rhythm, or dance, which exists by movement and structuring of space. Words and concepts, spoken, written or thought language, can be helpful by understanding painting, but only restricted. The visual experience is crucial for the pictorial understanding, and this way of understanding is a different way of apprehending from what we are used to practice with words and verbal concepts. If we could catch everything with words, artistic disciplines like music, dance and painting would be unnecessary, or at least redundant.
Expressionism in Art is a visual way to process and express experience and observations. The method of expression is always subjective, based on an individual analysis and application of information and impression. I specify my painting as intuitive expressionism. My intention is a subjectively directed process where I diagnose and apply the image, focused on construction of meaning and realized in an independent and abstract way. Intuitive expressionism is featured by a high degree of direct action. Brain waves, considerations and action are close together and they influence each other. Intuitive expressionism is a combination of sensitive knowing, imagination and acting directly. This combination is guided by 'pictorial tact': a sense for what is appropriate in a situation. Intuitive decisions do not always lead to desired results directly. Decisions are valued, reconsidered and if necessary corrected by reflection.
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