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Series - Small abstract (8), 2018 est une création de l'artiste Jos Letschert. Catégorie Autre, Abstrait, Peinture, Technique mixte. Intuitive expressionism. Mixed media on paper, 29 x 39. Painting Collage. 7 distinctions, 3K vues, 116 appréciations, 46…

Series - Small abstract (8), 2018

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Jos Letschert
Jos Letschert
ARTIST, Peintre professionnel
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Intuitive expressionism

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Information sur la peinture

Equipement Mixed media on paper, 29 x 39
Technique Painting Collage
602 vues par les artistes
3156 vues par les visiteurs
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Ajouté le 3 April 2018 à 18:12
Créé 3 April 2018 à 18:00
Flux commun 3 April 2018 à 18:13
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Sélection par les éditeurs 19 August 2018 à 21:00
Sélectionné Excellence 5 April 2018 à 11:50
Sélectionné par le jury 5 April 2018 à 16:13
Sélection Artscore 3 April 2018 à 22:21
Sélection favoris
Sélectionné par les artistes 4 April 2018 à 13:45
Sélectionné Visa 3 April 2018 à 21:25

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Message des autres artistes

Michael Lehrman avatar
Michael Lehrman I don't know how else to express it but when I look at this piece I feel a sense of Harmony and tranquility and rhythmicity.
3 April 2018 à 18:23
Frédéric Chaumelle avatar
Frédéric Chaumelle Great harmony of colors, Jos!
3 April 2018 à 18:42
Maciej Lasota avatar
Maciej Lasota Clear colours - ethnic art :)
3 April 2018 à 18:58
Fabienne Bonnet avatar
Fabienne Bonnet Great rhythm Jos !
3 April 2018 à 19:49
Henk Aalberts avatar
Henk Aalberts Very nice how the colours and shapes towards each other...the movement of small abstract no. 2 is back, that makes it is like the white and blue elements are in competition to push the yellow to the background... the thick black frame so typical for the former abstracts, is diminishing...sets everything free to come out ... a lot is happening here! Bravo, Jos!
3 April 2018 à 20:22
Henk Aalberts avatar
Henk Aalberts rewriting the first sentence: "very nice how the colours and shapes SWIVEL towards each other"
3 April 2018 à 20:25
Mehmet Akin avatar
Mehmet Akin as always.very beautiful
3 April 2018 à 20:30
Wolfgang Stemme avatar
Wolfgang Stemme Kunst, fein...bin begeistert.
3 April 2018 à 21:21
Agniribe Mada avatar
Agniribe Mada wonderful work !
3 April 2018 à 21:25
Regina Susanne Borchert avatar
Regina Susanne Borchert friedenssprühregen...
3 April 2018 à 21:25
Robin Mcgregor avatar
Robin Mcgregor Contained but vibrant life.
3 April 2018 à 22:43
John Hwang avatar
John Hwang Wonderful and vibrant as always!
3 April 2018 à 22:48
Torsten Richter avatar
Torsten Richter Your Intuition is telling stories about birds and feathers playing with fishes and bananas while dolphins are jumping playfully around friendly volcanoes.
Well,that's quite cool and very kind of you to let us have a view.
3 April 2018 à 23:12
Wilma Eras avatar
Wilma Eras Mooi gevoel van beweging, zoiets als zwemmen ;)
4 April 2018 à 00:04
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Dear friends, thanks a lot for your appreciations, your comments, and your compliments. Michael, great to notice it touched you. Minimalist, dear Stefan, thanks for your expression of feelings looking to this work. Frédéric and Maciej, VR and Fabienne, harmony, rhythm and ethnic aspects, nice compliments. Henk, I am very pleased that you points out the relation between the other abstract in the series. Indeed, they belong together and their place in the row is important. Any time they are responses to the ones before, together there is a line of development. anyway, so is it meant to be by me. Mehmet, Wolfgang, Agniribe, Regina Susanne, Michael, Robin, John, I do appreciate your observations and the expressions of your feelings looking at the work. It is encouraging and you are very kind to me. Torsten, thanks for mentioning the intuition part of it. Yes, intuition is the steering element, it is a kind of pictoral tact, and it leads me through the process of work. Wilma, 'zoiets als zwemmen' is such a beautiful poetic expression. Thanks to all of you!
4 April 2018 à 11:27
Tony Brandstetter avatar
Tony Brandstetter You rock my friend! The abstract kind among us, well preformed like a symphony where many elements come together to preform for us -
4 April 2018 à 12:18
Agata avatar
Agata beautiful work, congrats
4 April 2018 à 13:24
Bernd Walz avatar
Bernd Walz I am impressed by the absolutely balanced composition, and I love the color composition as well
4 April 2018 à 15:06
Toni Traglia avatar
Toni Traglia Great how all is ordered in this apparent disorder. Similar and coherent rhythm in all the compostion which regulates the rate of the forms A beautiful expressive and well managed abstract.
4 April 2018 à 15:36
Abi Katon avatar
Abi Katon Chaotic but harmonious, a outstanding piece!
4 April 2018 à 15:40
Alessandro Rovelli avatar
Alessandro Rovelli Fantastic dear Jos... I agree with Bernd...congrats!
4 April 2018 à 17:36
Pascal M. Cardon avatar
Pascal M. Cardon Abstract and harmonious.
4 April 2018 à 19:49
Iryna Gragera avatar
Iryna Gragera Excelentísima, con una buena harmonía y fuerte expreción. Superb!
5 April 2018 à 00:20
Joseph Aieta avatar
Joseph Aieta Perfect harmony, great work Jos !
5 April 2018 à 11:00
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Tony, thanks, I am flattered. Agata, merci. Thierry, an eight part, well seen, like the ' alchemic' metaphor. Bernd, balance is always the issue and problem in these thing, I am glad you noticed that. Nicole, you have mentioned the same issue as Bernd, the matter of keeping it under control. Like it very much that you have seen the importance of these little elements, or staples, as you call it. Thanks. Toni, 'ordered in apparent disorder, yes, that is the challenge indeed. Thanks a lot. Katon, you have seen the same as Toni, thanks a lot for your ongoing support and observations. Alessandro, thanks for the comment and compliment. Pascal, that is what I try to do, thanks. Iryna, I am very pleased about your appreciation. Joseph, always a pleasure. Thanks to all of you1
5 April 2018 à 11:43
Gérard Bret avatar
Gérard Bret Superbe réalisation très harmonieuse au niveau des couleurs.
5 April 2018 à 13:01
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Gérard and Philomena, merci beaucoup, many thanks!
5 April 2018 à 17:21
Michael Wölfel avatar
Michael Wölfel Fantastisch! wie Michael Lehrmann
6 April 2018 à 07:07
Sabine Hanse avatar
Sabine Hanse Ich war länger nicht mehr unterwegs bei art limited und bin überrascht, wie anders Deine Bilder 2018 sind. Gröber aber weicher, immer noch farbig aber bunter, lebendiger. Guck ich mir beizeiten mal alle genauer an.
6 April 2018 à 07:41
Suzan Armağan avatar
Suzan Armağan Marvelous !..
6 April 2018 à 11:58
Lucas Dumrauf avatar
Lucas Dumrauf Maravilloso trabajo!. Excelente manera de descomprimir el centro hacia los bordes para dar una sensación de volumen.
6 April 2018 à 15:17
Paulo Abrantes avatar
Paulo Abrantes much more tight than the other works, there is a sense of claustrophobia in this one and the "human figures", here, are much more clear. really powerful, Jos
6 April 2018 à 16:09
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Michael, thanks a lot. Sabine, I am pleased about your comment on development. Yes indeed, there are essential differences. Suzan, thanks! Lucas, thanks for your analyses of the composition, very interesting. Paulo, indeed, much more 'hold'. The sequences of the series is important to me. The next one will be much more fluid, a counterpart of this one. Thank you all very much for your attention and time.
6 April 2018 à 17:24
Michaela Sibi avatar
Michaela Sibi Brilliant and impressive work! Great colours, tight shapes and vision!
6 April 2018 à 23:28
Piotr Czekalski avatar
Piotr Czekalski Wonderful !
7 April 2018 à 02:22
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Michaela, Piotr, thanks a lot!
7 April 2018 à 12:11
Katerina Apostolakou avatar
Katerina Apostolakou Fantastic abstract!
9 April 2018 à 16:43
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Katerina, thanks!
9 April 2018 à 19:08
Yucel Basoglu avatar
Yucel Basoglu Faantastic artwork !
11 April 2018 à 19:42
Jørgen Feldstedt avatar
Jørgen Feldstedt Fish in water comes to me when looking at this beautiful abstract! Well done work, Jos.
12 April 2018 à 01:18
Massimiliano Balò avatar
Massimiliano Balò Excellent graphics!
15 April 2018 à 00:46
Nat Images avatar
Nat Images Fantastic!
17 April 2018 à 12:14
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Thanks a lot Yucel, Jørgen, Massimiliano and nat. Very much appreciated!
17 April 2018 à 17:57
Maria Frodl avatar
Maria Frodl A beautiful color composition!
25 April 2018 à 23:44
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Maria, thanks a lot!
26 April 2018 à 11:30
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Highly appreciated Vulgus!
2 February 2019 à 11:15

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