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Fragmental faces (1) est une création de l'artiste Jos Letschert. Catégorie Gens, Portrait, Technique mixte, Composition. Pencil, acryl, glue, Indian ink, fineliner on paper. Painting, drawing, collage. 7 distinctions, 4K vues, 126 appréciations, 88 commentaires, 49 favoris.

Fragmental faces (1)

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Jos Letschert
Jos Letschert
ARTIST, Peintre professionnel
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Equipement Pencil, acryl, glue, Indian ink, fineliner on paper
Technique Painting, drawing, collage
586 vues par les artistes
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Ajouté le 31 October 2017 à 16:40
Créé 31 October 2017 à 00:00
Flux commun 31 October 2017 à 16:40
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Sélection par les éditeurs 29 September 2018 à 17:00
Sélectionné Excellence 1 November 2017 à 16:44
Sélectionné par le jury 1 November 2017 à 16:44
Sélection Artscore 31 October 2017 à 22:49
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Sélectionné par les artistes 1 November 2017 à 16:40
Sélectionné Visa 31 October 2017 à 23:36

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Message des autres artistes

Mehmet Akin avatar
Mehmet Akin very beautiful
31 October 2017 à 16:42
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Mehmet, thanks a lot!
31 October 2017 à 16:43
Carmine Chiriacò avatar
Carmine Chiriacò awesome!
31 October 2017 à 16:46
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Carmine, thanks for the compliment!
31 October 2017 à 16:48
Roland Hoffmann avatar
Roland Hoffmann Wonderful! Excellent study. Thank you for leaving the "searching lines" visible.
31 October 2017 à 16:48
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Roland, thanks for your observation and compliment. Yes, I do also believe such lines are really important for such a portrait. It is a kind of searching on paper for the right composition and form.
31 October 2017 à 16:49
Regina Susanne Borchert avatar
Regina Susanne Borchert klasse
31 October 2017 à 16:53
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Very powerful, Jos! I always was fascinated in perfection within inaccuracy! First what popped up in my mind is Caravaggio. What popped up next, you don't want to know! :)) Extraordinary creation!
31 October 2017 à 16:54
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Regina Susanne, thanks for the compliment!
31 October 2017 à 16:57
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Oleg, thanks a lot. The comparison with Caravaggio is flattering, he is not inaccurate at all, or it was his character. I know what you mean. I am very glad you like it.
31 October 2017 à 16:59
Radek Kilinski avatar
Radek Kilinski The thick black line is like a coastline connecting sketch and acrylic - a colorful ocean with a dry shore - that's just like in life ;-) Consciously or unconsciously you have drawn the symbol of the sun god. ... hmm interesting on that dry ground.
31 October 2017 à 17:09
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Radek, that is a very intensive observation. You've made me looking with other eyes to this portrait. Thank you for that. Very inspiring comment and encouraging feedback.
31 October 2017 à 17:41
Roberto Manetta avatar
Roberto Manetta A piece of Art,Mr Jos...
31 October 2017 à 17:44
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Thank you so much for your kind compliment Jean Michel!
31 October 2017 à 17:53
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Roberto, thanks a lot. I appreciate your feedback very much.
31 October 2017 à 17:53
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Thierry, merci. Yes indeed, thanks for that observation and compliment!
31 October 2017 à 19:24
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Michael, danke schön für dien Kompliment und Wertschätzung!
31 October 2017 à 19:32
Fabienne Bonnet avatar
Fabienne Bonnet Jos, your work is very creative, congrats !
31 October 2017 à 19:34
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Fabienne, thank you for the appreciation!
31 October 2017 à 19:38
Robin Mcgregor avatar
Robin Mcgregor Impressive work Jos. I like this.
31 October 2017 à 19:46
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Robin, thanks a lot for your compliment!
31 October 2017 à 19:48
Jef Van Den Houte avatar
Jef Van Den Houte Strong creation
31 October 2017 à 20:04
Yucel Basoglu avatar
Yucel Basoglu awesome artwork!
31 October 2017 à 20:08
Wolfgang Stemme avatar
Wolfgang Stemme Fragmentarische Glückseligkeit des Unvollkommenen.
31 October 2017 à 20:29
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Jef, very much appreciated!
31 October 2017 à 20:32
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Yucel, Thanks!
31 October 2017 à 20:32
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Wolfgang, danke, schön gesagt!
31 October 2017 à 20:33
Piotr Czekalski avatar
Piotr Czekalski Excellent !
31 October 2017 à 23:02
Ossiane avatar
Ossiane Strong opposition between accomplished and unfinished !
31 October 2017 à 23:07
Roberto De Mitri avatar
Roberto De Mitri I am always impressed by the vitality and expressiveness that you give to the eyes of your portraits. I like to look at them and think about what emotions and thoughts afflict the mind of this man.
31 October 2017 à 23:48
Claude de Maisonneuve avatar
Claude de Maisonneuve Really touching portrait !
1 November 2017 à 10:06
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Doris, freut mich sehr das du die Emotion erkannt!
1 November 2017 à 12:05
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Piotr, thanks for the compliment!
1 November 2017 à 12:05
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Ossiane, thanks for this close observation, yes indeed, there is a kind of duality. If it would be finished it would not be complete.
1 November 2017 à 12:06
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Roberto, thanks for your impressions. Yes, the eyes, always the eyes, they are the most difficult part and often the course for throwing away a drawing, when I am not satisfied again. Nevertheless, i can re-use the remaining parts for the next collage.
1 November 2017 à 12:08
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Claude, thanks for your feedback.
1 November 2017 à 12:09
Egon Kronschnabel avatar
Egon Kronschnabel großARTig !
1 November 2017 à 12:10
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Egon, dank sehr, es freut mich, deine Anerkennung!
1 November 2017 à 12:10
Toni Traglia avatar
Toni Traglia Wonderful contraposition between an accomplished half and the other still pure, great expressivity and beautiful composition, well done Jos.
1 November 2017 à 12:12
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Toni, I am very grateful for your feedback, it is very encouraging to be understood. Thanks a lot!
1 November 2017 à 12:14
Joseph Aieta avatar
Joseph Aieta Jos I really like your vision and your look, your style is immediately recognizable
1 November 2017 à 15:07
M W avatar
M W We never have one face or do we? "Talkative" art.
1 November 2017 à 16:36
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Joseph, Great compliment, thank you very much!
1 November 2017 à 18:42
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Talkatively spoken we even can have three, four, or more faces, and in this case I only mentioning the surface.
1 November 2017 à 18:43
Hélène Vallas avatar
Hélène Vallas so expressive
1 November 2017 à 18:53
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Hélène, thanks a lot. Very much appreciated your feedback!
1 November 2017 à 18:56
Ret Markus avatar
1 November 2017 à 19:04
Alessandro Rovelli avatar
Alessandro Rovelli Superb Work!
1 November 2017 à 19:20
Marie Armi avatar
Marie Armi Animus/Anima ! Il love it
1 November 2017 à 20:31
Bertrand Guichoux avatar
Bertrand Guichoux Such a great talent!
1 November 2017 à 20:58
Tony Brandstetter avatar
Tony Brandstetter Wonderful unique work Jos, it is a pleasure to connected with you
1 November 2017 à 23:56
Suzan Armağan avatar
Suzan Armağan impressive! .. It is my horizon to watch your work !.. dear Jos :)
2 November 2017 à 07:34
Abi Katon avatar
Abi Katon Striking and powerful indeed!
2 November 2017 à 12:32
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Ret, Fragmenthankable!
2 November 2017 à 13:45
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Alessandro, very much appreciated!
2 November 2017 à 13:45
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Marie, yes indeed, interesting observation. Thanks!
2 November 2017 à 13:46
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Bertrand, thanks for that big compliment!
2 November 2017 à 13:46
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Tony, thank you very much dear friend!
2 November 2017 à 13:47
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Suzan, I am flattered by your kind words!
2 November 2017 à 13:47
Véronique Soulier avatar
Véronique Soulier poignante
2 November 2017 à 22:03
Henk Aalberts avatar
Henk Aalberts werk waarvan je gaat zwijgen, waar je alleen maar geboeid naar kan kijken, de twee delen die elkaar raken, maar gelijktijdig verschillen, de ogen die de voornaamste verbinders zijn, de contrasten die uit deze gezichtsdelen spreken...wonderbaarlijk mooi, Jos!
2 November 2017 à 23:07
Allan Borebor avatar
Allan Borebor Great work!
3 November 2017 à 03:40
Jørgen Feldstedt avatar
Jørgen Feldstedt Powerful Expression - love the eyes! Excellent work Jos!
3 November 2017 à 07:37
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Veronique, merci beaucoup!
3 November 2017 à 10:39
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Henk, dan k je zeer hartelijk voor deze zeer gewaardeerde observatie en voor je prachtige complimenten. Ik heb me er zeer over verheugd!
3 November 2017 à 10:40
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Allan, thanks a lot!
3 November 2017 à 10:40
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Jørgen, a lot of thanks for your feedback!
3 November 2017 à 10:40
Yalçın Varnalı avatar
Yalçın Varnalı Admirable!
4 November 2017 à 15:35
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Yalçin, thanks a lot for your appreciation!
4 November 2017 à 17:59
KPK avatar
KPK Very very impressive!
5 November 2017 à 14:47
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert KPK, thanks a lot for your observations and for your comment. Very much appreciated and encouraging!
5 November 2017 à 14:50
Pascal M. Cardon avatar
Pascal M. Cardon Tortured!
5 November 2017 à 20:20
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Pascal, probably.
5 November 2017 à 20:26
Lucas Dumrauf avatar
Lucas Dumrauf Wonderful! +++++
7 November 2017 à 14:10
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Lucas and Nicole, thanks a lot for your appreciations.
8 November 2017 à 16:41
Michaela Sibi avatar
Michaela Sibi Großartig!
12 November 2017 à 22:29
Katerina Apostolakou avatar
Katerina Apostolakou BRAVO!
13 November 2017 à 08:40
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Michaela and Katerina, thanks a lot for the compliments!
13 November 2017 à 14:12
Maria Frodl avatar
Maria Frodl Außergewöhnlich und kunstvoll gemacht!
13 November 2017 à 20:55
Gérard Bret avatar
Gérard Bret Excellent.
17 November 2017 à 15:48
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Maria and Gérard, thanks a lot for your comments!
17 November 2017 à 15:58
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Philomena, thank you very much for that compliment. Very much appreciated!
21 December 2017 à 19:40
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Danke Beate, sehr geschätzt!
30 December 2017 à 16:55
Carlos Marzano avatar
Carlos Marzano uNA IMAGEN DEL DOLOR...sufrimiento ...con imaginacion hasta un Cristo doliente en la cruz !
18 September 2018 à 15:29
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Thanks Carlos, the origins are honestly even later, Greek mythology. Thanks for your comment and compliment!
18 September 2018 à 17:57
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert earlier of course...
18 September 2018 à 17:58
Didier Pled avatar
Didier Pled A face so meaning !
21 February 2019 à 19:24
Jos Letschert avatar
Jos Letschert Didier, thank you very much for your appreciation of this fragmental portrait.
21 February 2019 à 19:40

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