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Rosario Civello
Rosario Civello
Geographic location Amateur photographer, Parma, Italy
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Rosario Civello, Parma, ItalyRosario Civello began to be interested in Photography by the latest ‘70s, taking photographs with his father's old camera and making researches in different directions to free his creative spirit and get deeper in an increasing sensibility of his visual language. Now he finds constant inspiration in the Nature, in the secret language of the landscapes that becomes clear when the subject appears to be loved and taken as a picture. His love for Nature, in its broadest meaning, led him to study Astronomy at the University of Bologna where he obtained his degree. The space surrounding us is often composed of numerous elements arranged chaotically. Everything he does is to put order in the composition, creating a balance of elements - light and dark, points, lines, planes and forms. He visually deconstructs the scene, discarding the superfluous, so that it fits to its natural inclination towards minimalism. “Signs” series, taken on the Alps, is inspired by the book “Point and line to plane” of Wassily Kandinsky, read several years before the shots. “Point and line, from geometric entities intangible, from conceptual abstraction, materialize, become concrete form on the surface.” These images can be interpreted as abstract paintings or as landscape photography; they very much have a foot in both realms. The inclusion of the trees or human figures, even at reduced scale, draws us back to the photographic origins of the images and facilitates a new way of viewing, and a realization that these are not abstract constructions but photographs of actual places and objects. His artworks have been exhibited in Italy and he has received several international awards and prizes. He has been elected Photographer of the Year 2015 at the 4th Zebra Awards and Discovery Of The Year 2016 at the ND Awards.
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