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Some People Need More Than Others est une création de l'artiste M W. Catégorie Transport, Route, voiture, cycle, Photographie, Sténopé. Pinhole, fomapan 200. 349 points, 92 appréciations, 27 commentaires, 22 favoris, 2K vues,…

Some People Need More Than Others

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Equipement Pinhole, fomapan 200
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Ajouté le 26 August 2016 à 23:11
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Sélection par les éditeurs 21 September 2016 à 04:50
Sélectionné Excellence 28 August 2016 à 15:13
Sélectionné par le jury 28 August 2016 à 08:06
Sélection Artscore 27 August 2016 à 22:22
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Sélectionné par les artistes 26 August 2016 à 23:11
Sélectionné Visa 28 August 2016 à 10:34

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Message des autres artistes

Abi Katon avatar
Abi Katon Poetic and philosophical!
27 August 2016 à 00:43
Massimiliano Balò avatar
Massimiliano Balò Great!
27 August 2016 à 01:17
Yucel Basoglu avatar
Yucel Basoglu mysterious!
27 August 2016 à 10:12
Krzysztof Trojanowski avatar
Krzysztof Trojanowski very good!
27 August 2016 à 10:57
Dana Winkelman avatar
Dana Winkelman Love the feel and composition
27 August 2016 à 19:34
M W avatar
M W Thanks a lot dear Srikaton, Massimiliano, Yucel, Krzysztof and Dana for your nice comments ;)
27 August 2016 à 19:57
Roberto De Mitri avatar
Roberto De Mitri a landscape that reflects the sense of loss and disorientation...
something that fades and disappears before the eyes, leaving us suspended in a dimension such as restless dream.
27 August 2016 à 22:00
M W avatar
M W Roberto, yes and no :)
There is no sense of loss or disorientation here.
Some people "die" in the daily routine, some are happy living such life. Some people to be happy need much more, far away from a daily routine which kills them from inside. And they need to reach for something different, more challanging, more attractive. Change their life? But to put the first step on the long and unsure way to it is the most difficult decision. Only brave ones are able to do it. The rest - just exactly as you wrote - "leave us suspended in a dimension such as restless dream"... :)
27 August 2016 à 22:39
Claudio Taras avatar
Claudio Taras A dream...
fabulous work!
27 August 2016 à 22:41
Roberto De Mitri avatar
Roberto De Mitri "But to put the first step on the long and unsure way to it is the most difficult decision." I fully agree with what you write and with your reasoning. and I add. passively accept a condition that makes us suffer is always a defeat. better change, have the courage to take the first step. it is true that you (not you... I mean in general) can make mistakes. this is also possible. but try the change is an alternative always better than not to react.
in an ideal world, of course.
in practice it is more difficult.
27 August 2016 à 23:30
Jørgen Feldstedt avatar
Jørgen Feldstedt Excellent image, wonderful line in the composition and great mood - well done work!
28 August 2016 à 06:14
M W avatar
M W Thx Claudio and Jørgen.
28 August 2016 à 16:50
M W avatar
M W Roberto, you're right :) Someone said (can't remember who) what you've just written: "If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine - it is lethal" ;)
28 August 2016 à 16:59
Roberto De Mitri avatar
Roberto De Mitri :)
28 August 2016 à 22:01
Uwe Bachmann avatar
Uwe Bachmann Awesome!
31 August 2016 à 15:52
M W avatar
M W Thank you Uwe and Malika :)
1 September 2016 à 12:31
Torsten Richter avatar
Torsten Richter your discussion brought me here... :)
1 September 2016 à 12:35
M W avatar
M W Thanks for the visit ;)
1 September 2016 à 12:42
Oleg Ferstein avatar
Oleg Ferstein Splendid!
3 September 2016 à 02:18
M W avatar
M W Thanks Oleg ;)
3 September 2016 à 21:06
Jan Kluveld avatar
Jan Kluveld Admirable
21 September 2016 à 07:22
Haruhisa Terasaki avatar
Haruhisa Terasaki Great!
19 November 2016 à 00:32
Jenny Papalexandris avatar
Jenny Papalexandris the road being a long sustained metaphor to explore the points of transition in our life, the road beckons for some, to others it represents fear and to others still indifference, for they have do not have the urge to uproot.
10 December 2016 à 08:01
M W avatar
M W Jenny, exactly how it is in life. Here a fear is much connected with a will to change. But a change not always can turn out to be better. Sometimes big will but unfulfilled becomes a passive and indifferent being.
10 December 2016 à 20:38
Jenny Papalexandris avatar
Jenny Papalexandris Yes, these are the ebbs and flows of this life, a crossroad we must all must face, from the inside first and then we try to take steps toward change. Life forces us to keep moving, in the end decisions are neither better nor worse, we realise that we must change something, because to stand still will destroy us anyway, slowly anyway. That is why i feel this image.
11 December 2016 à 00:23

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