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Structural disturbance

Galerie d'oeuvres par Radivoj Pastorcic

Structural disturbance - (stone structures made ??by forces of nature) has roots in the early Croatian mythology that tells of the dramatic conflict between the disorder forces, led by Veles (dragon) and forces of order led by supreme god Gromovnik (Perun). Dragon disrupting order, tries to take the place it does not belong to him.
According to early Croatian mythology there are three points that enclose the holy triangle within which the struggle going on forever.
According to some authors (Vladimir Belaj - Walk with the Gods), on island Pag there are three points of that mythical holy triangle.
One motive is the story of how the dragon tries to climb on top of that Gromovniks place, and he, trowing the lightnings, beats him in an oak forest near the water and forces him back into his world of darkness on the other side of water. In the region (called Dubrava) where a conflict "happens" I have made these photos...

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Radivoj Pastorcic
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