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Barbara Corvino
Barbara Corvino
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Barbara Corvino, Italy.

I'm an architect and I live in a coastal town in the North West of Italy.
I started photographing during my youth and this passion has never left me.
The transition to digital has allowed me to experiment with new subjects and techniques and to use post-production to give form to my creativity.
Photography is a means to express myself, to show my interpretation of reality.
I photograph everything, everywhere….. all that I see.
My images are simple, minimalist and I'm interested especially in the composition.
I also enjoy obtaining painting and abstract effects using light, motion, blur, defocus.
Most of my photos are taken in the surrounding area of my town or in my home. “Le seul véritable voyage ce ne serait pas d'aller vers de nouveaux paysages, mais d'avoir d'autres yeux“ (Marcel Proust).

Sorry, I don't give you rates, neither I ask for them: I left the votes at the school-days. :-)

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