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Valentina Baicuianu
Valentina Baicuianu
Geographic location Amateur painter, Bucharest, Romania
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Valentina Baicuianu, Bucharest, RomaniaI am a lawyer by education and for 20 years I have been doing advocacy for 3 large multinational companies. End 2017 I ended my business career and beginning 2018 I have started painting.

I love painting portraits, nudes and abstract. I love to mix classic art with abstract elements.
Few years ago, I was reading Ernesto Sabato's novel ‘'Between blood and writing'' something that was about to change my destiny radically. ‘'A work of art does not only have a testimonial valuebut a cathartic power expressing the deepest emotions of the artist and of the people around him''. I found myself in a similar state of being to what Greeks were calling ‘'metanoia'' and in that unique moment of my mind and soul junction, I knew painting was my destiny.

I get my inspiration from day to day life, emotions I see in people and my own emotions and thoughts.

This year (2019) is scheduled my solo exhibition in Bucharest. In June -July I will exhibit in London and November in Florence.
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