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This site is for artists, models and critics who propose creative, personal and original high quality work which is recognized and appreciated.
If you wish to only comment on the pictures and take advantage of the message center to enter into discussions with the artists (art dealer, gallery director, curator, artist agent, publisher, gallery representative, image researcher, collector, press, communication), you can create a "VISITOR" account.

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Terms of use and conditionsterms of use and conditions

We prefer quality, not quantity!
Art Limited is an Art site, we only want very different, strong, original, extraordinary and unusual artworks

What you need to do

  • Be sure to have a real creation to submit, all coming from you, based on a reflection, a concept, a real work,
  • Only submit your best completed work, with a very good result, on both aesthetic and technical skills,
  • Always ask yourself what you would think of your work if you were not its author before publishing, will you exhibit you creation in a gallery, a museum, or in an great Art center, will you pay for it yourself?
  • Don't choose the easy way, be clearly involved in your artistic statement, which must be original, unique and personal,
  • In series, don't add several slightly different versions of the same artwork, select only the best,
  • Pay attention to your framing, point of view, as well as your foreground and background, composition and staging,
  • Take care of your work quality, tonalities, densities, color renderings or shades of grays, finishing,
  • Create a specific personal and attractive thumbnail for your artwork,
  • Pay attention to the title, the wording and spelling, the grammar, avoid using definite article "The",
  • Stay natural in your presentation, avoid the easy effects that are made possible by paint software packages (blurs, trails, grain, texture layers, false old or instant film, etc ...),
  • And finally, describe clearly your approach, statement or process to facilitate the understanding of your work.

What you need to avoid

  • Consider Art Limited as an image bank, a stock image site, a royalty free image library, or cliparts agency,
  • Post artwork or reproduction that weren't created by you, even if you own rights,
  • Display descriptive reality (reportage, documentary, journalism, science, product, fashion, wedding, commercial) unless you do it with uncommon aestheticism,
  • Photographing or creating something you've found "beautiful or nice" doesn't make it an art masterpiece, this means nothing for us, please argue,
  • Cute, personal, standard family, party, traveling, wedding or special private moments pictures. We are sure you are in love, but this is the wrong place for it,
  • You enjoy "funny" and "cute" postcards or posters, our references are rather in Art libraries and major international museums,
  • Upload pictures that are too small. (for example less than 500 pixels wide as the smallest side),
  • Add signs, use a discreet watermark, done with a sans serif font (Helvetica, Arial, ...),
  • Submit wide borders, postcard or poster layouts, it restricts the view and degrades site's visual display, it won't be featured,
  • Post a lot of images, our system keeps consistency of your results, lowest ones degrading the perceptive approach of the algorithm,
  • Artworks which have already been seen many times before are usually not reviewed unless they are truely amazing,
  • Empty or wrong categories, as well as anything that cannot be considered part of the creative process,
  • Consider paying members will benefit from corrupted moderators or editors, these fees concern only additional services.

Any images that don't fit these rules won't be featured, could received a fringe selection by Art Limited moderators, at our discretion and convenience to keep a high editorial line.

Art Limited is specific and differentart limited is specific and different

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