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Photography is a technique, including processes and materials, that consists in fixing or reproducing over time accurate images of the real world on a photosensitive medium (silver photosensitive chemical with film or paper, digital sensor) by exposure to visible or non-visible light, such as infrared.

Abstract art is a style that does not seek to represent visible reality as landscapes, objects, animals or people or identifiable representations, even imaginary. The work therefore does not show any natural and recognizable shapes, it most often represents forms, more or less geometric and composed, with variations of colours, oppositions, movement, textures.
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Ambiguous Space 10
Alone above a raging sea
For something greater yet to come
Where lost can't be found
In the silver morning hollow
Sea, swallow me
Reflets 1
To sink or to shine?
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Blue Void
Le Dragon
To Live
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Light Bubble
Deep 2
Deep 1
Barely yet Definitely
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Floating Light Bubble
In the wood
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