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This contest is permanent, there is not entry date. Someone will win each end of the month according to the contest rules. If you already have a BOOK account, you are already enrolled. If not, create your account in order to participate right now.

Contest rules

  1. Only BOOK account members are eligible to participate to the contest,
  2. The winner will be the artist who gets the highest appreciation points for entirety of his/her work,
  3. The artist must have at least 8 pictures featured by Art Limited,
  4. The artist must have rated and commented upon at least 20 pictures within the last 15 days,
  5. The artist must propose at least 20 pictures,
  6. Points will be based on images from the last 2 months,
  7. The artist Artscore need to be superior or equal to 70/100,
  8. The artist must have received at least 20 noted comments from the jury,
  9. The jury is comprised only from of most appreciated artists members who have at least a ARTIST account,
  10. The contest is permanent and automatically renews at the end of each month,

What are the prizes?

  1. The winner will receive a DataColor Spyder 4 Elite,
  2. The winner will get a free ARTIST account for one year,
  3. The winner will be the Art limited artist of the month,
  4. The winner could become a member of the jury.

DataColor Spyder 4 Elite

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Spider Elite
Perseid Beach Stone Earrings
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