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Igor Vasiliadis

Mastering the creative photographyArtist interview, Photography, Moscow, Russia

The history of “Igor Vasiliadis the photographer” has started when he was 8 years. At that time his first camera was the Soviet one Smena 6, and then Zenit E. Since childhood, photography became his main obsession for a lifetime. When Igor grew up, he started to take pictures with medium format camera and achieved real success in it, winning national and international contests. Then Igor started to use large format cameras with authentic 19th century optics using silver and platinum sensitive materials for taking pictures. Later on, with the appearance of the high-quality digital technologies, Igor began to work professionally in this area too.

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081008-002 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved

081008-002 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved.

Igor is a member of Art Limited since 2008. You can also find out more about his work on his Art Limited profile.

Briefly tell us about yourself

It started being in Paris I’ve shown some of my photos to my friends from fashion industrie. They asked to try shooting a fashion story for a new magazine. We’ve done it with some success. I love the equipment and technologies, which were proven by centuries of practice, those employing long exposures. This allows model’s soul to break out from the momentary world of emotions and appear in all of its multifaceted beauty. Dark tonality, artifacts of drying emulsion and all the mystics brought by silver and cyanides create the world of mystery, covered from our eyes by temporary and momentary emotions. They can be seen only during rear momentary lapses of reason, when we drop out of reality. I’m strange, head in the clouds, unpredictable, doing only the things that I want at the moment.

What about your equipment?

All we should care about is impression of the real art. Technology is much much less important. Whatever technology it takes us to create an image closest to the one we had in our head before even taking the camera is good. No matter digital, silver or platinum based.
I use all the range of cameras and optics. However for my personal art purposes I mostly prefer Deardoff and Sinar 8x10” cameras wich give me most of freedom in photo technologies including my lovest silver wet plates.
I use multi-format digital, Large format film and Wet Silver Plates, collodion process, alternative processes. Considering works which has been done in the art format, it can be said that in my art I combine technologies of the past in the format of the future. Working with old technologies, lenses and chemical processes, I don't capture reality, I create my own world in my pictures.
One of the main focuses of my work is shooting and printing technology, preserved from the middle of XIX century and known as wet-collodion process on the plates of blackened silver. It makes a unique photo-canvas. All covering imperfections are original and make a special entourage, which, combined with the image, creates an unusual feeling.

110909-0002 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved

110909-0002 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved.

What about your references or what you like apart from your Art?

I like reading for example Victor Pelevin’s novels, Paper Moon, Big Fish, all of Woodi Allen’s. I also like Man Ray, Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Steichen and many others. In design Antoni Gaudi, Ferdinand Porche. Among fashion designers I have no preference at all as I think that only natural beauty of human body is eternal but all decorations are momentary fron the rings in the noses till all fashionable clothes.
I find inspiration in beauty in all it’s forms … and my muses, singing songs of love. I like good meditation and listening to the silence full of consulting wispers when I create.
I love to work with world known actresses. All such occasions are memorable. They are more than simply beautiful they are characters.
I maintain self discipline and ability to hear sublime internal voices. Often it’s enough to create.

Igor's career and style

Professional fashion and art photographer. Academician of the Royal Swedish Academy for Fine Arts. Rated among Top best Photographers by “Career” magazine. ​The two main Igor Vasiliadis’s working formats are commercial and art. His portfolio includes portraits of world known celebrities from the world of fashion, cinema and sports.

He works for Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, L’Officiel, Esquire, Wallpaper magazine, AMICA (Italy), ZiNC (USA), Flair (Italy), BLUR, Depesha (USA), Spoon (USA), NUDE (USA), ART PHOTO (Germany), Gala, Menu, Shape, Hello!, OK, L’Optimum, Playboy, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health, Maxim, FHM, Moulin Rouge, Fashion Collection, Wedding, Joy, NRG, FW magazine.

He did advertising and promotion campaigns: LVMH (Hennessy, Moët & Chandon), Dior, Tiffany, Sony Playstation, Audi, Renault, Agent Provocateur, Londa, Wella, Shwartzkopf, La Biosthetique, D’Larisand, Claude Montana, Mercury, Zolla, HighLander, MoneyBack, Nexus, Personage, Eurotrans, Interros, Aqua Bike championship UIM SPES, Russian Olympic Committee,Top 20 Models and Celebrities and many more...

Among those taken with his camera you can find Angela Jolie, Rihanna, Mike Tyson, Vincent Perez, Donatella Versace, Pierre Cardin, Paco Rabanne,Karl Lagerfeld, Matt Damon, Jude Law, Natalia Vodianova, Naomi Campbell, Julia Snigir (Die Hard 4), Anastasia Volochkova (Russian prima ballerina), Alina Kabaeva (Multiple Olimpic and World champion and politician). Also, Igor has worked with almost all stars of Russian show business, sports and politics.

120410 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved

120410 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved.

Some bio events

Igor Vasiliadis’s pictures are kept in the royal collections of Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands.
More than 350 (three hundred and fifty) art boutiques represents his work in Europe and the U.S. The largest network of art galleries, Yellow Corner admitted Igor’s pictures as the Best Sells of 2010.
More than 4 years he lived and worked in Paris, where his interests were represented by MAO Syndication (, Management Artists Organization.
There are numerous publications enlightening Igor Vasiliadis’s art in the art magazines in Germany, France, UK, Italy, USA, China, Spain, Greece, Russia, Chekh republic, Serbia and other countries.
Igor is the author for a number of art projects that had widely publicized all over the world and was accompanied with a personal exhibitions. In particular, a joint project with director Kim Ki-Duk (Korea), based on his “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring” in a place, where the movie was filmed.
Igor worked together and learned from the legends of photography living and passed.
He has worked with leading model agencies such as Next, IMG, Fashion, Women.
Number of views on (The Most influential art photo portal) of Igor’s works reached 5 million mark
In 2011 Amazonpress released Art album by Igor Vasiliadis named Silver Magic (ISBN 978-
1468070514). Album was published in several formats - book, eBook versions for iPhone and
iPad, Sony, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK and Kindle. For several months, the album was in the top of the sales charts in France, Canada and Germany.
Igor Vasiliadis has made more than 200 magazine covers and above 300 fashion stories.

In addition to all above mentioned, Igor maintains an active teaching practice, acts in films, serials and TV programs. For example, he participated in well known MTV project “Top-Model”.
Also, Igor Vasiliadis acted in several movies of world famous movie directors, such as Oscar Academy Award winner’s Andrei Konchalovsky “Glyanets” (“Glamour”).

Art project “When the moment turns into eternity” with world famous movie director Kim Ki-duk and Nastia Potanina (5 times world champion) starring. “Port Arthur 1905” with governmental support of Russia and Japan. There were done many other art projects dedicated to events and exhibitions in Europe, USA, China and Russia.

Publication of “Silver Magic” Art Album (ISBN 978-1468070514), Amazon Press 2011 plus eBook versions for iPad/iPhone, Kindle, Nook and Sony Reader.

120308-0001 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved

120308-0001 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved.


When the moment turns into eternity (Moscow 2005 joint with Kim Ki-duk).
4F national contest (Moscow 2006).
Photoloft gallery (Moscow 2007).
Magic of Silver (London 2008).
Gape Gallery opening (Prague 2010).
Moscau-Vienn kulturdialogue (Vienna 2010).
Yellow Corner gallery (Paris 2010).
Eternal Values (Moscow, Ritz Carlton 2011)).
In Memory of Port Arthur (International exhibition 2011).
Blur Gallery (Belgrade 2011).
Art Album “Silver Magic” presentation by Amazon publishing (New York 2012).
Cork Gallery (London, Mayfair 2012).
Participated in numerous photo biennales in Moscow (2003-2012).

090817-0004 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved

090817-0004 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved.

080807-0003 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved

080807-0003 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved.

110804-0001 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved

110804-0001 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved.

090704-0003 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved

090704-0003 - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved.

Apprehension - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved

Apprehension - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved.

Pepper Elf - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved

Pepper Elf - Copyright © Igor Vasiliadis (Russia), All rights reserved.


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