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Volunteers are powered members who helps to support the site not only for them but also for others, giving their time to make it always better and attractive even for non-members visitors. Most of time they add events, invite new artists or give another vision through the group project.
If you have any request in this matter, feel free to contact us to propose your service.

I was born during walking on the moon and flower-power period, so maybe touched by the technical and sharing approach of the life. Later, I have created in design, computer graphic, coding and photography. I plan to apply my vision of sharing Arts to others and use my knowledge to build it. Currently I'm the naughty boss, the only developer and art director, spending nights and free time to make the site always better. I'm also one of the selectors for Featured Art and managing the whole support. Beside that, I'm addicted to drums, cooking, sciences and traveling. Creation and discovery are maintening me to life. I'm currently living in Bordeaux, France.Whilst working on a variety of projects with my friend Denis Olivier ranging from making loud music, cooking, tasting beer and strange juices to discussing the system of the world and the importance of crop circles I came to realise that he had been letting his awful English infiltrate the pages of Art Limited. I put a stop to my life long ambition of taking pictures of finger tips, hair strands and door-frames and decided to tackle a truly bilingual Art Limited. If I have failed in this please email me and we'll put anything we can right...

Ossiane (former)

Feeling a great curiosity for art, in particular photography, painting, poetry and music, I mostly help with writing and searching for news for the Art Limited agenda. After a painting period, I got involved in photography combined with haiku writing I have been practising for several years now. Creation is essential to me; I'd like to improve and assert an artistic approach. Art Limited teaches and stimulates me a lot. That's why I felt like helping Denis Olivier in the life of the site. I've been a computer graphic designer for a long time, first in multimedia, now on Internet.I'm a mad scientist, occupied the most of my time to eat brain carpacios full of little shining stars and black dots. But when the evening comes, the metamorphosis slowly operates, rendering my mind more "acceptable" to work as the editor for the site, spending my time to write art news and events, as well as promoting the site. Just want to discover, to be surprised when I find the reflect of my sensibility through the power and beauty of words, music, pictures... just to dream and feel... better :) I also play keyboards in a band. That's how I met the boss - my "inspiration master drummer", Denis Olivier - exploding his ears, session after session, with loud batrachians sounds. Sharing and melting my own feeling and many artistic styles and currents with my friends and beyond the time and space limits, over the internet media, helps me to believe that maybe... I still know where is my mind.
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